6 Prominent Technology Trends for 2023

#1 Artificial Intelligence

AI is constantly evolving and finds newer applications in various industries every day, with ChatGPT being one of the latest AI disruptors


#2 Quantum Computing

Based on the principles of quantum theory, quantum computing can easily query, analyze and take action in a much faster rate than normal computers, gaining prominence in 2023


#3 DevOps

DevOps combines the development and operations departments within an organization to help enhance and automate the process of software development


#4 Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics helps businesses predict future customer behaviors and trends with some of its most common applications being in risk management, marketing and operations


#5  5G

5G technology has the potential to change the way we interface and interact online by integrating AR and VR technology and better cloud-based gaming experiences


#6 Internet of Behaviors

One of the fastest-growing industry trends with application in nearly every industry, IoB collects and analyzes data from users connected to the internet to better understand human behavior


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