10 Kinds of Recruitment Tools to up your Recruitment Game

What are recruitment tools?

Automate recurring & transactional tasks in the recruitment life cycle, allowing recruiters to focus on improving the quality of candidate interactions

10 Recruitment Tools & Software


#1 Augmented writing tools

Create a positive brand image & attract top talent via impactful, appealing JDs & job posts with bias-free, gender-agnostic branding content.

#2 Social Media Management tools

Boost performance of social media recruitment campaigns & promote brand awareness on social media; get meaningful insights by listening to and tracking social conversations

#3 Networking tools

Networking with potential candidates, thought leaders & passive candidates, sharing relevant business and cultural information helps influence prospective candidates and creates brand ambassadors.

#4 Applicant Tracking Systems & CRM

Streamline recruitment via automation of repetitive tasks & centralized repository management of applications received, helping track & report on status & progress as well as being compliant with local hiring regulations

#5 Collaboration tools

Platform for effective collaboration & communication amongst recruiters, hiring managers & leaders, with touch-points, follow-ups and tracking progress, helping build candidate relationships and hire top talent

#6 Assessment tools

Behavioral and skills assessment tools to hire most skilled & culturally aligned talent on the basis of their personality, aptitude and skills

#7 Video interview tools

Enables live or pre-recorded interviews of candidates objectively and effectively based on their convenience

#8 Chatbot tools

Easily integratable with company websites & other recruitment tools, it helps resolve candidate queries real-time, improves engagement with candidates and influences passive talent

#9 Background check tools

Verify and validate education, identity, employment, criminal and civil cases, run drug checks as well as personal background checks

#10 Onboarding tools

Enable quick and easy onboarding with online checklists, pre-onboarding forms, background checks, payroll, compensation & benefits.

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