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Resurrect your recruiting imperia by allowing your existent Recruitment Management System to embrace the innovative features of Hyreo AI-powered hiring solutions.

Candidate Journey Mapping

Embrace a holistic view and analysis of the candidate journey, from job awareness to onboarding.


Harness AI superpowers for robust data analysis and informed recruitment decisions. 


Connect with candidates round the clock for seamless and engaging interactions.

Automated Feedback Collection

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Advanced Reporting

Make the most of comprehensive reports to plan effective strategies for a streamlined recruitment process.

Make Calculated and Impactful Decisions

Master the art of making well-informed hiring decisions guided by data-driven insights from elaborate candidate journey reports.

Forge Unwavering Candidate Interactions

Win your candidates' trust with meaningful and timely interactions facilitated by round-the-clock chatbots and automated email communications.

Trigger Enhanced Recruiter Efficiency

Automate the laborious and redundant recruitment tasks and sharpen your focus on formulating efficiency-boosting strategies.

Facilitate Prompt Resolutions for Brand-building

Build your company's reputation by delivering quick and well-crafted solutions to address candidate concerns and challenges and win their loyalty in the process.

Embrace Collaborative Talent Community

Foster long-lasting connections with the top talents through consistent communication and enrich a well-accessible talent pool.

Cultivate Exceptional Candidate Experience

Converge the power of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation to compose an invigorating journey for your potential candidates.

Delightful Experiences

Hear it From Our Happy Customers

Rathnaprabha Manickavachagam Managing Director, Head of Innovation & Digital Transformation at Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

“Societe Generale GSC has always added value to the group through innovation. Its great to see startups like Hyreo who were part of our open innovation program ‘Catalyst’ add incredible value to the SGGSC recruiting process through their innovative candidate experience platform. Hyreo is about great product, flexible approach and constant innovation“

Magesh Sambasivan HR Head, Societe Generale GSC

“Societe Generale GSC in India has rolled out the Hyreo CRM in 2020 and the experience has been positive. Hyreo worked closely with the HR team and released the solution in a timely manner. The chatbot and analytics platform has enabled us with the right insights and made our candidate experience better“

Badur Navaz Head, Talent Acquisition for Digital Foundation Services - India, Asia, Middle East & Africa - HCLTech

With the evaluation process taking care of the quality of hire, the real challenge faced by recruiters is "successful onboarding".
With Hyreo, we now deliver personalized, engaging interactions on demand, through chat, email, and text messages. This has improved our recruiter bandwidth and serves to strengthen our employer brand and increase our candidate touch-points significantly.

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No matter where you are on the scale, Hyreo's goal is to make you the best in what you do! We won't stop until your candidates are mind blown with engaging, inclusive, and commendable experience.  

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