Build lifelong relationships with your candidates

Built on the philosophy of delivering a ‘customer like’ experience to candidates and turning recruiters into true talent relationship champions.

What is Hyreo?

Hyreo is the world’s first recruiting CRM with deep conversational AI and virtual hiring capabilities.  It is built on the philosophy of making candidates the centre of the recruiting universe and turning recruiters into true talent relationship champions. With Hyreo, recruiting teams can stay connected with candidates literally at all time, get deeper insights on corporate talent brand perception and optimise recruitment efforts through a host of automation tools. And the platform is fully equipped with the virtual hiring aids for selection and on-boarding of top talent. Open a new world of candidate experience leveraging smart technology! 

Award Winning ‘Candidate Relationship’ solution with over 4000+ happy enterprise users
and over a million candidate interactions

Real Data from REAL CUSTOMERS !

Here is what our customers realised with Hyreo’s proprietary candidate engagement solution

300% : Increase in candidate touch-points

Create more avenues to stay connected with prospect hires, showcase what your brand stands for and what is means to be part of your growth story

45% : Reduction in candidate screening time

Pre-qualify and screen candidate faster and seamlessly at application stage, saving valuable recruiter time as well as increasing talent pipeline

72% : Recurring follow-ups, scheduling & data collection automated

Timely candidate reminders, intelligent schedulers & checkpoints for data and document collection process ensuring reduced effort and timely completion

65% : Level 1 & 2 candidate query management automated

Bring consistency and scale in query management and issue resolution with the ability to edit, customise and manage the automated responses

10% : Average improvement in offer conversion

Stay connected with selected candidates and automate query resolution, feedback collection and analyse 'propensity to join' for improved offer conversion.

68% : Improvement in candidate feedback collected

Hyreo feedback engine help collect more candidate feedback and in less than 6 months helped recruiting teams reduce negative feedback by over 30%

How does it feel to be connected to your candidates 24/7?

Hyreo has a candidate centric approach to every process being automated, every data point being collected and every recommendation for change or action being processed.

Build relationships beyond immediate hiring needs

Proactively know and solve candidate challenges

Data driven decisions at each stage

Optimise recruiter efforts and build consistency at scale

Candidate Experience & Automation

Candidate Relationship Management solution with deep conversational AI components

Add Candidate Experience to Existing HCM Solutions

Create a more engaging and personalised  experience for candidates across all recruiting stages without changing the HCM solution.

Intelligent ‘candidate agent’ across all stages

Add an intelligent virtual assistant to your hiring team, trainable and customisable to speak the brand story

Candidate community and outreach

Create meaningful relationships with prospect hires, stay connected and create effective talent communities

Ready with the right integrations

Comes with built-in integrations with HCM solutions, video plug-ins, coding assessments, social platforms, email and productivity tools.

Digital hiring events & university hiring

With recruiting getting more digital, Hyreo lets hiring team create effective and personalised hiring events

Data insights and talent brand perception

Enterprise insights and analysis on corporate talent brand based on live feedback from candidates.

“Vestibulum congue ornare nisi, et egestas or cviverra sit amet. Quisque porta mauris lorem pretium quam convallis vitae.”
– Philip E. Curry
( Ceo & Founder of Anova )


Thank you for believing in US !

Societe Generale’s global solution centre in India rolled out Hyreo's candidate engagement platform in July 2020 and the experience has been positive. Hyreo worked very closely with our HR teams to co-create the candidate relationship platform and released the first phase in a time bound manner with zero production issues. The deployment of chatbots based on the solutions from Hyreo have enabled us with insights and helped make the candidate experience smoother.

Magesh M S

Head - Human Resources at Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre(SG GSC) has always added value to the Societe Generale group through structured innovation strategy and specifically ‘Catalyst’, our flagship Open innovation program that has facilitated real business challenges being solved through collaboration with global startups. It is great to see startups like Hyreo supporting SG GSC business and adding incredible value to the recruiting process through their innovative candidate experience platform. Great product, flexible approach and constant innovation keeps Hyreo on top of their game, good luck !

Rathnaprabha Manickavachagam

Managing Director, Head of Innovation & Digital Transformation at Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Simple and effective conversational candidate engagement solution.
Fairly comprehensive for our recruiting needs.
Thanks for patience and support in delivering it according to our use cases.

Pradeep Menon

Managing Director, Head of Innovation & Digital Transformation at Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

The candidate engagement solution from Hyreo really helped us in improving efficiency
esp in the large volume hiring accounts. Thanks and loved the user interface


VP Delivery - Top global staffing agency

Hyreo candidate engagement solution is unique and was customisable for our needs. Very hopeful that our current scope can be extended to full scale

Amar Patel

Recruitment Leader - Global Financial Services company


Hyreo comes with over 100+ integrations with a variety of platforms ensuring customers can consume each of these services in the most seamless fashion and through a single interface

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Hyreo stands for delivering a ‘customer-like’ experience for candidates throughout the recruiting process. It is built on the philosophy of making the candidates the centre of the recruiting universe and turning recruiters into true talent relationship champions. 

Hyreo stands for delivering a ‘customer-like’ experience for candidates throughout the recruiting process. 


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