HR Glossary

Unlock HR jargon with our comprehensive HR Glossary! Expand your knowledge of A to Z HR terminology. Get clarity on the familiar & non-familiar HR terms and their use cases.

- A -

Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system is a software application for recruiters to track and manage job applications and organize the hiring process.

- B -

Background Verification

Background Verification is the process of verifying the candidate’s details and credentials during recruitment.

- C -

Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience refers to a candidate's holistic perception of the recruitment journey, from the initial application phase to the onboarding phase.

- D -

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are three interconnected values for workplaces that ensure employees are valued and are given fair treatment and opportunities

- E -

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement refers to the emotional commitment employees have toward their work, company, and organizational goals.

- F -

Fringe Benefits

Green HR is the concept of incorporating sustainable policies in various facets of human resource management in a company.

- G -

Green HR

Green HR is the concept of incorporating sustainable policies in various facets of human resource management in a company.

- H -

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management involves the efficient strategies to manage an organization's human resources, which is its employees.

- I -

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation refers to the integration of AI and Automation functionalities into the recruitment process to enhance operational efficiency.

- J -

Joining Propensity

Joining Propensity refers to a candidate's inclination toward accepting a job offer based on their performance and behavioral tendencies

- K -

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable metrics used for evaluating the performance of an organization, individual, or project in accomplishing business-specific goals or objectives.

- L -

Lateral Hiring

Lateral hiring refers to recruiting talents from outside the organization to fill specialized/difficult roles immediately.

- M -

Mass Hiring

Mass Hiring is the process of recruiting many candidates within a short period.

- N -


Negotiation is strategic communication performed to find a mutually agreeable resolution for an issue between two or more parties

- O -


Onboarding is the process of incorporating a new employee into an organization and familiarizing them with the company culture and colleagues.

- P -


Pre-screening is a preliminary process of evaluating the qualifications, skills, and capabilities of the applicants by the employers/recruiters during the recruitment process.

- Q -

Quality of Hire

Quality of Hire refers to the efficiency or value brought by a new hire to an organization.

- R -


Retention refers to an organization's ability to retain its potential candidates/employees for an extended period.

- S -


Sourcing is the process of identifying and attracting prospective candidates for various positions within an organization.

- T -

Talent Relationship Management

Talent relationship Management is a strategic approach toward cherishing strong and lasting connections with candidates and employees.

- U -


Upskilling is the process of learning new skills to adapt to the latest advancements or changes in the industry.

- V -

Virtual Hiring

Virtual hiring is the process of hiring candidates online with the help of virtual communication tools and technologies.

- W -

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is the strategic process of analyzing and forecasting the staffing need to ensure the organization has an equipped workforce at all times.

- X -

X-Training (Cross-training)

X-Training is the process of training or educating employees to perform roles within an organization that is different from their area of expertise.

- Y -

Yield Ratio

Yield ratio is a metric used in recruitment to calculate the percentage of candidates moving from one stage to another stage of the recruiting process.

- Z -

Zero-based Bonus

Zero-based Bonus is a bonus system where incentives or compensations are given to employees based on performance rather than seniority.

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