HR Glossary

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation refers to the integration of AI and Automation functionalities into the recruitment process to enhance operational efficiency.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation in a recruitment scenario makes use of advanced automation and Artificial Intelligence applications to streamline the recruitment process and enhance operational efficiency. The hiring process, including applicant screening, interview scheduling, candidate interaction, and ticket resolving, can be automated to facilitate an efficient hiring process that requires minimal recruiter intervention. Such functionalities can expedite the time-consuming process meanwhile maintaining accuracy in the process. Streamlining recruitment using intelligent automation is one of the best ways to save the invaluable resource- time. 

Use cases:

In today’s world, where futuristic technologies emerge in the blink of an eye, organizations employing intelligent automation for their recruitment purposes unquestionably have a competitive advantage. Automating the recurring and tedious hiring activities can free up recruiters and allow them to spend time on strategic tasks and focus on high-value processes. Aside from saving time and money, intelligent automation can also deliver a better customer experience, as it can provide prompt responses, driving customer satisfaction. Moreover, data analytics deriving from intelligent automation can assist recruiters in making informed decisions, conducting candidate analysis, and tracking areas of improvement efficiently.

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