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The journey to creating a better world of work is an ever-evolving path. Propel towards a future of limitless opportunities when you experience SHRM24, your compass guiding you towards success.

Let your Talent Acquisition Process Scream Sophistication


Talent Acquisition Week

San Diego, California.

Jan 29 - Feb 01

This conference is focused on helping talent acquisition professionals learn more about sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding.

World HRD Congress

Mumbai, India

Feb 15 - Feb 17

This is a conference that draws HR professionals from all over the world—over 1,870 people attended from 133 countries last year.

Wellbeing at Work Summit

New York and Silicon Valley

Mar 12 - Mar 14

Each day of the conference is totally different! The first day is in New York and features roundtable discussions and global keynote speakers. The second day is hosted by an AI platform. The third day is in Silicon Valley, featuring speakers and roundtable discussions.

HRWest 2024

Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, CA,

Mar 05 - Mar 06

Packing HR strategy, technology, talent, compliance, and so many other relevant HR topics into two days' worth of sessions is HRWest 2024.

HR Transform 2024

Wynn, Las Vegas

Mar 11 - Mar 13

Over 3,000 attendees from more than 40 countries come together under one roof. HR Transform offers pre-conference workshops and unlimited one-on-one meetings.

HR Retail

Los Angeles, California.

Apr 02 - Apr 04

HR Retail brings together retail and e-commerce HR professionals to push forward workforce efforts that keep up with the rapid transformations in the retail industry.

WorkHuman Live 2024

Austin, Texas

Apr 15 - Apr 18

This conference will feature speakers, breakout sessions, and workshops all focused on making work more human.

Human Resource Executive®

Las Vegas, Nevada

Apr 24 - Apr 26

Future-ready your workforce and realize innovative and transformative ways to positively influence your people.


New Orleans, Louisiana.

May 19 - May 22

This conference is all about helping HR professionals develop in their own careers. You spend your days helping everyone develop, so this conference is your chance to do that for you.

Elevating the Employee Experience

Denver, Colorado

May 01 - May 03

This single-day event will focus on how to improve employee satisfaction and retention through wellbeing. Wellness, training, DEIB, learning, and talent acquisition dynamics will be discussed

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2024

Chicago, Illinois.

Jun 23 – Jun 26

This is the world’s largest HR conference packed full of industry experts.

HCI International 2024

Washington DC, USA.

Jun 29 – Jul 4

This event is an international conference that draws people from all over the globe.

Maryland SHRM Annual State Conference

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Oct 06

This event is described as a chance to participate in “dynamic speakers, relevant breakout sessions, fantastic sponsors with innovative resources, & professional networking with hundreds of HR's top Professionals!”


SHRM Tech 2024

SHRM Annual Event

PeopleMatters Annual event


PeopleMatters Employee Experience

SHRM Annual event

Bangalore Tech Summit

EY Tech Connect

Annual Investment Meet (Dubai)

PeopleMatter 2021

SHRM Round Table

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