HR Glossary

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management involves the efficient strategies to manage an organization's human resources, which is its employees.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) involves the operations, strategies, and measures to manage and retain employees of an organization. HR managers are responsible for implementing efficient human resource management. Their functions include recruiting, providing induction and orientation, conducting training and development, ensuring employee well-being, and maintaining an overall positive work environment. HRM has people at its core; every HR policy and process will be to keep employees highly productive and efficient.

Use cases:

Every crucial aspect that drives an organization to success comes under human resource management. HRM plays a significant role in acquiring the right talent, promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives, and shaping an organizational culture that motivates employees. HRM’s primary focus will always be on employees. Therefore, every process/strategy will be aimed at ensuring employee development and satisfaction. Implementation of an effective HRM will have enhanced employee engagement, sharpened focus on company objectives, better conflict resolutions, improved productivity, and an overall stable workplace for the organization and its workforce.  

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