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Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience refers to a candidate's holistic perception of the recruitment journey, from the initial application phase to the onboarding phase.

Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience is the holistic perception of a candidate’s journey throughout the recruitment process from application to onboarding. This includes how they felt about the screening, interview, and onboarding processes and various touchpoints in between. A great candidate experience happens when the candidate’s time is valued by the organization through the implementation of a smooth hiring process, involving clear communication and consistent interactions

Use cases:

Candidate Experience comes with a myriad of advantages. Implementing better candidate experience will attract high-quality applicants, reduce time-to-hire/cost-of-hire, and facilitate increased offer-acceptance rates. Positive candidate experiences will also foster better candidate engagement, which the recruiters can take advantage of to enhance their employer brand. Aside from earning candidate loyalty, recruiters can enjoy a diverse talent pool since a positive candidate experience will improve the chances of quality referrals.

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