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Green HR

Green HR is the concept of incorporating sustainable policies in various facets of human resource management in a company.

Green HR

Green HR, also known as Green Human Resource Management, aims at nurturing environmentally sustainable policies and practices in diverse HR operations and thus supporting the organization in achieving sustainable goals. Green HR practices encourage employees to follow working methods that conserve energy and minimize waste in the workplace. As for organizations, fostering Green HR initiatives can save resources and money while keeping the organization environment friendly and thus cherish an image capable of influencing people and society. 

Use cases:

Green HR is highly relevant in the contemporary talent market as modern candidates are more focused on working for organizations that cherish sustainable values. Hence, such initiatives can be implemented effectively to attract talent with similar values and goals. Aligning HR policies with sustainable practices is one of the best ways to attract skilled talent with minimal expenditure. Green HR initiatives like eco-friendly workplaces can considerably leverage employee productivity and engagement as they keep the workforce stress-free and positive. Implementing Green HR can also enhance employer brand since such initiatives would position the organization as a socially responsible entity and thus enrich brand value.

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