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Background Verification

Background Verification is the process of verifying the candidate’s details and credentials during recruitment.

Background Verification

Background verification (BGV) is the process of verifying the accuracy and credibility of the information provided by the candidate on their application/resume during hiring. This procedure is conducted to ensure the personal, professional, and educational information provided by the applicant is genuine. For recruiters and employers, this is an opportunity to validate the quality of the candidates and assess their suitability for the organization. Usually, the employers assign a third-party company to perform the background verification and generate reports on candidates who are selected for the position.  

Use cases:

Resume fraud and negligent hiring can be prevented by employing background verification. Along with examining the candidate’s educational qualifications and previous employment history, the BGV process also investigates the candidate’s personal history to check for any criminal background. Verifying the authenticity of a candidate’s identity will be also helpful in avoiding legal complications in the future. In the event of a BGV failure, the employers will ask for clarifications from the corresponding candidate (or employee if the candidate has already joined the firm) and eventually withdraw the offer/terminate the employment depending on the severity of the case.  

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