The Societe Generale ‘CATALYST’ accelerator program : A fulfilling journey for Hyreo
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“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell

Hyreo was a participant of the 2018 Summer edition of Societe Generale (SG) ‘CATALYST’ accelerator program. Hyreo had an amazing journey since then with new learning opportunities and some exciting outcomes. With time to time guidance from the leadership team at Societe Generale, the accelerator program helped us in fine-tune our offerings around creating a positive candidate experience in recruitment and thereby help enterprises enhance their employer brand.

The Catalyst program was initiated by Societe Generale with a view to leverage the rich ecosystem of Indian startups. The 12-week program gave us global exposure and in turn, helped us understand the key candidate experience related challenges in recruiting and the expected end objectives. This phase saw excellent participation from SG internal stakeholders including talent acquisition, infrastructure, and architecture teams. Hyreo platform was customized to a business ready solution during the program and later in the production planning stages. With support from the global team, we were able to take the platform to production installation.

For any B2B startup, we assure that CATALYST is the platform that can be the defining point in your journey. From what we have learned through the MVP, pilot, and production stages with Societe Generale the CATALYST program is undoubtedly one of the best corporate innovation programs out there.

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