13 Top Job Boards to Source Amazing Talent
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Businesses today have to come up with better and more creative solutions that would allow them to beat the market competition. For this, they would have to invest in the innovative and latest technology that would allow them to be more efficient and productive in the way they handle their business process. 

Furthermore, HR teams and managers also have to work on how they can search for the best talent that would contribute to the success of the business and help the organization grow. While there are millions of job seekers out there, HR teams and recruiters have to look for ways to reach out to them.

Using job search sites to put out information about the vacant job postings in your company would be one of the options. This would allow you to connect with active job seekers that would read the job listing you wrote on these job search websites. With the help of online job search engines, you can find the best talent and hire them quickly. Also, many job seekers have their profiles on these job search sites, where they look for the best jobs based on the search criteria they prefer.  

As an HR professional, you need to look for a job board search engine that allows you to post jobs by location and provide a wide range of features to help you find the best talent. 

Top 13 Job Boards in the World

#1 Indeed

Founded in 2004 and co-headquartered in Austin, Texas, and Stamford, Connecticut, Indeed.com is one of the top job websites in the world. With over 100 million resumes, a massive database of job listings, and millions of active job seekers, Indeed.com gives companies access to the most talent in every field of work. 

Also, it is easy to use, and employers can create their accounts for free to find the right talent. Employers can post unlimited jobs and scan unlimited resumes. Indeed.com also offers dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices allowing job seekers to handle job searches through their mobile devices. Indeed.com’s pay-per-click sponsored job posting option costs as low as $5 per day. 

#2 CareerBuilder

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, CareerBuilder has remained one of the largest job search sites in the United States and the world. Currently, CareerBuilder has a presence in over 60 markets and 23 countries outside the United States. While CareerBuilder offers limited resume views of 80 million job seekers and 145 million resumes. However, it is a perfect platform for companies that are hiring regularly and looking for skilled candidates and higher-tier jobs. This is also because CareerBuilder offers a powerful applicant tracking feature (CareerBuilder Apply) which is missing on Indeed.com. 

CareerBuilder offers 4 subscription plans for recruiters, Lite Plan for $349, Pay As You Go Plan for $425, Standard Plan for $449, and Pro Plan for $749.

#3 Monster

Owned and operated by Monster Worldwide, Monster.com launched in 1999 and has headquarters in Weston, Massachusetts. Monster.com is one of the largest job search sites in the world, having a presence in 50 countries globally. While recruiters and employers have the option of searching unlimited resumes and job applicants. Monster.com also offers employer branding services which can be useful resources. It also has a mobile app for Android and iOS users allowing job seekers to find jobs through their mobile devices.

Monster.com offers three monthly subscriptions for employers. The Starter Plan is $279 per month, the Standard is $399 per month, and the Premium is $649 per month.

#4 LinkedIn

Owned by Microsoft and launched in 2003, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the largest professional social network platforms. As of 2022, LinkedIn has more than 830 million registered members from over 200 countries and territories. Hence, it makes a great job search platform for employers and job seekers alike. 

Furthermore, employers can buy advertising on LinkedIn to promote their vacant jobs. While the basic job posting option is available for free, employers can opt for pay-per-click or choose dynamic pricing. 

#5 Glassdoor

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Glassdoor isn’t a typical job search site. On Glassdoor.com, current and former employees can anonymously write company reviews, view salaries, and apply for jobs. It has quickly gained a lot of popularity and has become one of the largest job search sites in the United States. 

Recruiters can share the brand story through the Enhanced Profile feature on Glassdoor and make use of other resources like Glassdoor Analytics to refine recruiting strategy and candidate experience. 

#6 Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is Google’s first venture in the recruitment industry. This allows active job seekers to find relevant job listings directly through Google search results. However, from an employer’s point of view, posting a job on Google is possible only if you structure the underlying HTML of your job listings to ensure that Google for Jobs indexes your job listing. 

For many US and international employers, it provides an affordable medium to find relevant local active job seekers for vacant posts. It allows job seekers to find jobs by location and type. 

#7 Snagajob

With headquarters in Glen Allen, Virginia, Snagajob is one of the best job search sites that allow job seekers to find hourly work in the United States. With more than 6 million job seekers, it has become an excellent online platform for employers and recruiters posting hourly jobs or filling vacant shifts. 

Employers also have the flexibility to create their custom site and shift schedules and screen and conduct interviews online. Snagajob also provides a practical e-verification system for onboarding new employees. 

#8 ZipRecruiter

With a database of 100 million candidates, ZipRecruiter is one of the leading and largest job sites in the world, headquartered in Santa Monica, California. It offers a clean activity dashboard making it easier for recruiters to control how they can hire the best talent. 

ZipRecruiter also comes with an easy-to-use UI, alerts and notifications, application management, background screening, applicant tracking, customizable branding, interview scheduling, and reporting and statistics. This makes the entire candidate search process easier for the recruiters. 

#9 Craigslist 

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website that has a section for jobs. While many top companies would not think of Craigslist as one of the top choices, it remains one of the largest job boards in the world. 

Employers can post job openings and write down their requirements. Also, it is very affordable and, therefore, ideal for all types of employers looking for the best talent. Employers and recruiters also get the liberty to design their job listings with their brand logo, and that makes it more convenient. 

#10 SimplyHired

With a wide variety of features, SimplyHired is one of the leading job sites in the world, offering employers and candidates the opportunity to post and look for jobs, respectively. Over the years, SimplyHired has helped many businesses to assess and acquire the right talent. 

Recruiters and employers can post jobs for free, receive alerts and notifications when candidates apply on their job listings and even search through the extensive database of resumes to help you sort and pick the best candidates. 

#11 Ladders

Recruiter and employers looking for experienced professionals for $100K positions can make use of Ladders which offer an extensive database of resumes of candidates that have Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Hiring teams and recruiters can post one job per month for free. 

However, with Promoted Job Posts, recruiters and employers can promote their job listings for an 8-week time. However, currently, Ladders will not approve any jobs outside the US and Canada. 

#12 Dice

Looking for an IT job board that offers you an extensive database of resumes? Dice.com, based in New York, can offer you a database of more than 2.7 million IT professionals in the United States, allowing recruiters and employers to speed up their candidate search process. 

Dice.com provides state-of-the-art options and tools for recruiters and employers to look for highly skilled tech talent. However, employers have to pay for posting open tech job listings. The website receives over 2 million visitors per month. Dice also has a native iOS and Android app for recruiters on the go.

#13 Nexxt

Formerly known as Beyond, Nexxt is one of the top job boards based in the United States that help recruiters and employers reach more than 85 million job seekers. It provides plenty of options for employers like showcasing their company logo and company description. 

With a 42 million candidate resume database, employers can even use candidate email alerts and other recruitment analytics. 


Choosing the right job boards that can help you with finding and selecting the right active job seekers can make a difference and shorten your candidate search process. However, you need to be clear about what you want and how you can make the most of the features and options these job sites and boards offer. 

To begin with, you need to define your needs and make a list of critical features and things you want. Focus on the pros and cons of the job search sites you have on the list. This will help you know how each job site caters to your specific needs and the capabilities they offer. 

Do they offer a mobile app that can allow you and job seekers to find job listings? This would allow you to create your recruitment strategy and help you invest wisely in the best packages and plans offered by these job search engines and sites. 

FAQs on the Best Job Boards 

What are the best ways to search for active job seekers?

You can make use of various top job search sites, job boards, and even social media platforms. You can also make use of referral schemes with your employees and connect with other recruiters and job agencies. 

How do you evaluate candidates on job search sites?

You can compare and evaluate their educational background, relevant work experience, specific work skills, communication skills, attitude, work ethic, and ability to work as a team player. 

What is candidate sourcing?

Candidate sourcing is a process where you hire another company to help you with reviewing resumes and applications for a specific job posting.

What is candidate screening?

Candidate screening is a process of evaluating various active job seekers’ resumes and profiles and the process of telephonic, personal, or video interviews and background checking process.

What defines an ideal candidate?

Ideal candidate means a candidate that meets all the requisite skills needed for a specific job. Also, the candidate must have the right work ethic and personality and a good culture fit in the organization. 

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