A bad hire is much worse than you actually perceive

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     “According to Research4 by the U.S. Department of Labour suggests the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings”

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Not always every experience turns out to be flowery.  Some candidates are with good repute strike through all the interview rounds and eventually come out as bad apples.  It is totally unexpected. Studies suggest that finding a great candidate accounts only 19%; whereas 46% of people are labeled as ’failure’ after 18 months of time period.

If a recruiter is stuck in this dilemma when a single bad apple can spoil the entire basket what they should do? What kind of trouble the recruited candidate can bring inside the paradise this article will get you a quick synopsis of the entire event. Usually, recruiters tend to bank on those candidates who have years of experience and come from reliable references.

Let us take a look at the consequences of a bad hire

“A bad hire can cost you 3 times their salary. Choose wisely.”- Fluffy, The Finance Feline

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These days remote hiring is on the roll. Understanding a candidate through virtual interviews is quite a thing. Listen to your candidates and keep a direct and comfortable approach to cognize their awareness and true potentials. Unfortunately if you make a bad choice it would cave-in your track record as well as the company work ambiance. It can leave adverse effect on other employees’ morale.

Losing ace employees– An organization stands on employee performances. Based on the talent acquisition performance a company performs throughout the years. However, there are some employees who are exceptional. Their contribution to the company reflects through various achievements. Thus, a company can’t afford that their star performers leave at cost of ruckus created by other employees. It is seen that 80% of employee decide to quit a company for problems caused by other employees.

Losing productivity– Bone of contention can affect the pace of execution as well. It can hamper productivity and ruin the zeal of working. No one can perform at their best under pressure. As a result projects would fail to get completed within due timeline. Maintaining a strong recruiter and candidate relationship can put you in the first row but it can’t save you in the long-run if you come up with indolent productivity.

Losing quality– When you work in a company quality output coupled with productivity is something that employers seek from an employee. Making a boo-boo can cost a mountain to the company. It can even make clients long-faced.  Losing a client sits on company revenue. Not even prolonged meeting can’t fix the inner ghost in the seed. 

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder and Mindflash says,” 41% of responding organizations said a bad hire in the past year has cost them at least $25,000; 25% of responding organizations report an impact of at least $50,000 as a result of a poor hire.”

Losing company reputation – Poor candidate selection can be a black spot in a recruiters’ career as it can mow down company reputation in a straight line. A bad hire can inflame the office atmosphere.

Lastly, choosing a candidate demands a thorough background check. A detailed recruiter candidate conversation can open the route for mutual problem solving. No every person is equal; so we have to do a bit adjustment in every aspect of life. Always try to mend the situation with an in-depth analysis. Both the recruiter and the candidate have to be flexible to make the recruitment satisfying and rewarding for the company growth parameter. If needed go for a candidate counseling or extensive training program to make them equipped with their new job responsibilities and ensure a smooth run.

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