Oracle for startups : A partnership for Hyreo

Trust in Business Relationship, Trusted Partner
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The Hyreo – Oracle startup program partnership that kicked off in June 2020, has helped Hyreo to explore new and unique opportunities to transform recruiting for enterprise-level organizations. The connections established via the Oracle startup program has supported Hyreo in proving the platform’s enterprise-readiness to its potential customers.

For Hyreo, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the right choice for multiple reasons. The solution was provided with a scalable infrastructure for deploying enterprise customer solutions and a high-performance computing environment for training the AI engine. The transition to the Oracle cloud platform was swift and easily completed with the amazing support from the expert technical team in the Oracle Cloud global team.

“The focus on building and nurturing startups by providing the right kind of market positioning, technology support, and cost benefits makes Oracle for Startups one of the best (accelerator programs) globally,’’ says Hyreo Co-founder and CEO, Arun Satyan sharing Hyreo’s experience in the Oracle startup program partnership.

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