Revolutionizing Recruitment: Unleashing the Power of AI

Learn how AI is redefining the very framework of recruitment from Brian's real-life recruiting experiences.


Today’s talent acquisition landscape has witnessed many trends come and go. However, with the emergence of AI technologies that leverage recruitment efficiency, we’re seeing consistency for this particular trend, announcing that AI will be here for a while or more. Let’s delve deep into the powers and impacts of AI in revolutionizing recruitment through Brian’s point of view. 

Main Discussed Topics

From his two decades of experience, Brian was quick to point out the positive impact AI has unleashed over the years, especially in improving the recruiting horizons for candidates. AI has significantly empowered candidate engagement, reversing the pattern of ghosting. But more importantly, it has leveraged candidates’ ability to craft resumes accentuating their experience, signifying how recruiters will be left behind if they’re not embracing AI. AI has powerful attributes that can contribute to the automation of the recruiting process and the elimination of bias and prejudice in recruitment, helping recruiters to choose candidates solely based on their merit.  

While AI has freed recruiters from immense mundane tasks, it has also normalized virtual assessments and interviews, putting pressure on recruiters to invent modern recruiting strategies for engaging candidates whose technical skills or experience are unfamiliar to the recruiters. Modern talents expect recruiters to present them with a diligent recruiting journey, where their time and efforts are valued, and their skills are assessed without bias. According to Brian, AI intervention in hiring has greatly enhanced recruiter productivity and candidate engagement possibilities and will continue to do so in the coming years.  

“Blending AI with human intuition can be the ultimate recipe for hiring success, but AI should be used wisely.” said Brian.  

Throughout his talent acquisition and recruiting experience, Brian has employed several AI-powered tools that significantly lifted weights from his shoulders and leveraged his approaches toward fostering candidate engagement. In his opinion, personalized candidate engagement will have a lasting spotlight in the future of recruitment, considering how AI is capable of scanning historical data and coming up with topics that are relatable to candidates, opening opportunities to connect with them. Meanwhile, he also alerts recruiters to ensure that the decision power always lies with humans.  


Though an admirer of AI-driven recruitment, Brian believes that no matter how far AI grows, humans should always have the power to make final decisions. At the same time, AI can be effectively employed to turn poor candidate experiences into bespoke ones, pull interested and qualified candidates to the table, and give them fair opportunities. The key to talent engagement lies in approaching the right candidate with the right opportunity at the right time. As for recruiters, they should adopt AI-driven talent engagement strategies that make candidates feel special and valued.  


Advice for the Recruiters & TA leaders

While concluding, Brian shared two crucial pieces of advice for successfully adapting to the newest changes.  

  • AI will never replace but the recruiters using AI will. Hence, you should stay updated on the emerging AI trends, patterns, and strategies for ensuring success in hiring.  
  • More often, we’re asked to do more with fewer resources but at greater efficiency, which can disrupt our entire work-life balance. Embrace curiosity, tenacity, empathy, and a bit of mischief for a better professional life, just like how you embrace AI for better recruitment.  

About Speaker

Brian Fink

Brian Fink is a well-experienced recruitment professional with specialized knowledge in recruitment tooling, Boolean strings, natural language search, tech hiring, and innovative sourcing. From C-suite recruiting and research to advocating for diversity and inclusion, Brian has established his expertise in all crucial areas of talent acquisition by crafting highly effective recruiting strategies for enhancing brand exposure and building a strong talent pipeline. He brings in a wealth of knowledge from his experience at Twitter, Amazon, and Apple, and excels at domains, including Data Science, Open Source, and Cloud Technologies. Brian currently works at McAfee as a Talent Acquisition Partner.  


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