Talent Acquisition in the Healthcare Industry

Learn the crucial challenges, practices, and strategies for a successful Healthcare Talent Acquisition from the young and experienced HR leader, Celika Peters.


The dynamic developments in the talent acquisition landscape have varying impacts across industries. In the healthcare sector, recruitment is particularly complex due to the heightened demand for candidates with specific skills and qualifications. It is the first time that we’ve had an HR professional from the healthcare industry, Celika Peters, partaking in Hyreo Rise. She has provided an in-depth look into the unique challenges of healthcare talent acquisition and the proven strategies for achieving success in this critical field. 

Main Discussed Topics

Firstly, being a part of the healthcare tech space, Celika finds the fast-paced organizational growth parallel to the technological advancements somewhat impacting the recruitment process, making it difficult to fill roles with the right talent within tight timeframes. Additionally, she recalls her peers finding it challenging to offer the same compensation packages for candidates from different geographical areas, though it hasn’t posed any challenges for her. Lastly, Celika pointed out the downside of being part of a comparatively small organization where everyone knows each other. According to her, balancing the personal referrals and the thousands of routine applications is a bit challenging as she advocates fair and equal treatment and follows a structured recruiting mechanism to find the ideal candidate.  

According to Celika, attrition rates vary depending on the organization’s size. For people working for smaller firms, there will be only a feeble number of turnovers every year, which might seem negligible compared to big firms. However, when you look back at the projects and departments, they were part of, their impact becomes clearer. It should be on leaders’ priority list to identify the strong performers through performance or talent reviews and plan strategies to retain them. More importantly, the recruitment and retention strategies must align with the company budget to eliminate unwanted hiring and firing.  

“I think it’s important that we’re aware of our strong performers and use them as an influence to bring everyone else around them up,” said Celika.  

As a young leader in the industry, Celika emphasized the importance of highlighting the company benefits such as remote working options, medical coverage packages, recognition programs, etc., to the candidates. From the pipeline perspective, she mentioned the significance of giving a great employee experience to everyone from application to retirement, portraying an ideal life cycle by offering them support and motivation throughout their journey. Hiring Managers should also make significant efforts to keep the recruiting lifecycle short and to communicate and engage with the top candidates equally so that one of them could add value in the future when the other one steps back.  

Being mindful of what they go through and respectful of their time is crucial for delivering a great candidate experience. In her professional life, Celika follows a set of strict recruiting rules including keeping the candidates posted about their hiring progress and sticking to minimum interview rounds instead of dragging candidates through multiple interview cycles. Assignments are given occasionally only if there are open positions for high-level roles. The candidate’s time should be valued and respected to ensure a positive experience.


Advice for the HR & Recruiting Professionals

While wrapping up, Celika had some good suggestions pulled out from her broad recruiting experience to share.  

  • Hiring Managers should have a clear understanding of their role in recruitment and should take part when there are things to be done from their end.  
  • Think before posting a job. Make sure it is budgeted and supported by the company. 
  • Maintain a hiring committee to ensure a business case for each role and allocate resources (human or technology) accordingly.  

About Speaker

Celika Peters

Celika Peters is a seasoned human resources leader with a decade of experience spanning various industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, and SaaS. She specializes in employee wellness, healthcare administration, and organizational development. Known for her effective employee engagement strategies, Celika has a proven track record of driving transformations within organizations. Besides her role as a mentor to employees and leaders, she serves as the Program Advisor for the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Women in Leadership 2023 program. Currently, Celika is the Senior Director of Human Resources at Healthmine. 


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