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Re-Imagine Recruiting Technology

Hop on for an exhilarating journey through the cosmos of work-tech innovations at SHRM Tech 24. And we present Hyreo Labs – Re-imagining the approach to building Talent technology, driven by our deep-rooted AI research, the power of data, and human behavior science. This new platform will bring to life smarter and more intelligent technology to ‘Discover, Engage & Hire’ talent.

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What do we do?

Bringing Innovation to You!

Hyreo recruiting CRM, a recruiter's co-pilot, is tailor-made to craft phenomenal recruiting experiences for all stakeholders by adopting the endless capabilities of AI, Smart Integrations, and Data Analytics. We stand for explainable AI which allows HR and talent acquisition professionals to make meaningful contributions to business outcomes by tackling modern challenges with advanced technologies.

Hold your breath!

Are Your Ready for an AI blast?

Hyreo is exhibiting at the two-day-long 2024 SHRM Conference and Expo at Hyderabad on the 9th and 10th of May. Stop by booth # 32 to unlock the endless applications of Generative and Predictive AI in recruitment. We can't wait to meet you there and share our story, take you through our product demos, new feature updates, and a lot more.

Join us to expand your hiring horizons…

AI in Recruiting

Enhance your recruitment efficiency with the state-of-the-art solutions powered by Hyreo Labs.

Turn on a ‘round-the-clock’ candidate interaction model with personalized conversations through Hyreo’s conversational AI chatbot, SMS, WhatsApp, and email engine. Be available 24/7 even when your team is not!

Cherry-pick the top talents at the top of the funnel in short order through Hyreo’s Automated Pre-screening and AI-matching functionalities. Give your recruiters a powerful tool to ‘get to know’ applicants seamlessly with zero effort!

Hand over your interview scheduling struggles to Hyreo’s Intelligent Interview Manager. Let the calendars and video tools be synced automatically for exceptional virtual or physical interview experiences.

Leave no candidate concerns unaddressed! Employ Hyreo’s SLA-based Candidate Helpdesk with a smart Ticketing Engine for efficient and traceable issue resolution and management.

Embrace 100% accuracy in forecasting recruiting trends and candidate propensity. Employ Hyreo’s Predictive Analytics for Proactive Risk Management & Higher Conversions.

It’s time for a drumroll!

Introducing Hyreo Labs

Get ready to experience the marvel of an all-inclusive AI platform for every facet of recruitment. Say hello to Hyreo Labs: The Innovation hub where Predictive, Generative, and Conversational AI converge! The ultimate game-changer you’ve been searching for! 

Hyreo Labs: Your Gateway to Future AI Recruiting Solutions! 

A sneak peek into

your HR future! 

Get ready to discover what the future holds for you this year. Join our Exclusive Tarot Reading Session to get deeper insights into your personal and professional journey through the modern HR spectrum.

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