Top 5 Best Corporate Board Meeting Software to look out for in 2023  
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An average CEO spends 72% of their time in meetings, and top executives attend 12-17 meetings on average. Interestingly, executives consider 45% of these meetings to be pointless. 

What do these statistics tell you? Meetings take up an inordinate amount of time in the work life of any top executive or board director, and a considerable amount tends to get wasted preparing for the meeting and dealing with post-meeting formalities in organizations. 

While meetings are necessary for planning and setting goals, discussing new projects, or delegating responsibilities, especially for the top management and directors, they demand a lot of time and effort. On average, management spends 50% of their work time scheduling, conducting, and documenting these meetings, making meetings quite an expense on company resources.  

To remain top-notch in the way they lead and productive to the hilt during meetings, top leadership needs to be efficient with their time. For this, they need to have ready access to materials like internal briefings and data. This can get frustrating for management when they have to search for the required document across disparate systems.  

Conversely, board members and executives can use board management software to access the required docs and collaborate, plan, and organize the meetings in an efficient way.  Directors and top management can use this software to stay organized, plan cohesively, and make timely decisions. 

Corporate board management software helps ‘organize board meetings and crowdsource executive opinions and ideas on a company’s financial, directional, and product decisions.’

A typical corporate board meeting software offers collaborative tools to set up agendas, compile and grant access to meeting-related documents in one place,  make notes, record minutes, and manage calendars and contacts to inform about the corporate meeting. 

These board meeting management tools are used by leadership teams, boards of directors, top executives, managers, and CEOs. The tools can be integrated or structured along with other collaboration tools available to mild-level and lower-level employees. 

Some of the core benefits of using corporate board meeting software include the following:

  • These tools simplify various aspects of board meetings 
  • Assist in planning by integrating with the company calendar, email, and contacts 
  • Facilitate communication of information about such meetings  
  • Survey tools help to gather feedback and gauge the unanimity of the decisions taken during the meeting 
  • Save time spent in managing meeting schedules by calendar integration
  • Notifies users of the meeting time, agenda, and documents via email notifications 
  • Provide summaries and meeting notes to users post the meeting
  • Allow searching through the database of former meetings to locate previous comments or common agendas

How are board meeting software compared?

An efficient corporate board meeting software would serve as a centralized information hub and a meeting management toolkit and assist in remote collaboration and preparedness for the meeting. Some of the applicable criteria to look for while choosing the right corporate board meeting software may include: 

  • The software must be compatible and intended for use by the managing committee and board 
  • It should facilitate communication and engagement between members via chat and video conferencing options  
  • It should be equipped with tools to generate agendas, set up meetings, record minutes and notes, etc. 
  • It should have the provision to collect feedback and reviews once the meeting is over.
  • The software must possess a multi-layer security architecture for the safekeeping of the company documents
  • It must contain features like role-based accord, data access authorization, and other application benefits. 
  • The deployment options may include on-premise or cloud-based options
  • The extent of customization available and the categorical access per an executive’s authority
  • It should allow for integrations with in-house technology stacks and applications, including other communication channels.  
  • It should have robust technical support   


And lastly, to compare different corporate board meeting software, administrators can use these four parameters – document management, ease of use, E-signatures, and agenda builder. 

Key Features to look for in a board meeting software 

Corporate board meeting software is intended for use by top executives and board members. As such, these software solutions must be compatible to serve the needs and requirements of the top management. 

Some of the key features to look for in corporate board meeting software are: 

#1 Storage and Sharing of Documents

A board management software allows sharing and storing of documents within its portal. The documents can be either uploaded to the portal or taken from an external content management system once integrated. These documents rest in centralized storage and can be accessed by board members. Some portals also allow linking documents with an agenda or meeting notes.   

#2 Structured Collaboration

A board management cum meeting software helps the members to collaborate via a structured framework to organize and streamline meetings. Users on the portal can come together for sharing, polling, surveys, note-taking, etc. The portal also helps to communicate the meeting schedules and agendas effectively and summarize minutes to the members.   

#3 Agenda creation

This feature is one of the primary functions a board management software performs. Any of the  members can set the agenda and share it with all the members for view and review before the meeting commences. Setting agendas in advance helps board members to stay on track, plan, and prepare and attach documents for the perusal of the other members with the agenda itself. 

#4 Record meeting notes

Once the agenda is set and the meeting begins, note-taking becomes an imminent task. Switching to a separate app for note-taking is inconvenient and inefficient. The meeting software should have tools for note-taking either privately or shared with others members in the meeting. Once the meeting ends, these notes and minutes can be communicated to all the members together via the software.   

#5 Conduct surveys

It is a good practice to take feedback and opinion of the members about the proceedings of the meetings. Many board meeting software solutions have in-built survey and polling options where members can contribute their opinions and views. The survey can be attached to the minutes and stored in the portal to be referred to later. 

#6 Allows comments and annotations

Users can also use the board meeting software to record their comments publicly or privately, either to share with other members or to attach to the meeting minutes for later reference. The members can annotate their personal views and make notes in their copies, and keep them for reference.   

#7 Accessible

The software must be accessible via the desktop app or mobile version at any time and from anywhere. Also, offline availability is another feature that can help distributed and hybrid management to collaborate and remain in the loop even if they reside in separate corners of the world. 

Integrations with content management systems: most businesses employ content management systems, calendars, and communication applications for mid and lower-level employees. A board meeting software must be capable of integrating these external applications and streamlining the workflow. 

#8 Online chat and video conferencing

This software must contain online chat and video conferencing tools to manage and run the meetings via virtual communication. The software must be equipped with an e-signature facility for paperless documentation and governance.  

Top 5 Best corporate board meeting software

#1 BoardPro 

One of the easiest-to-use corporate board meeting software, BoardPro helps board administrators and top executives create meeting agendas, take minutes during meetings, compile board packs, and store files securely. 

The software is suitable for small enterprises, small-cap companies, and non-profit organizations (NPOs). It helps the administrators to save up to 55% of their time. In User satisfaction, the software has an average score of 9. 

Salient Features

  • Streamlines board meetings and the events leading to them 
  • Automates manual processes such as setting meeting agendas, compiling board packs, etc. 
  • Unlimited users and administrators 
  • Can clone agendas and helps with minutes, votes, and actions. 
  • Regular feature releases
  • Allows assigning selective access 


Pros  Cons 
Increases overall productivity  Basic subscription model doesn’t have many features 
Easy to use and time-saving  Restricts information sharing to an extent 
Dedicated customer support and live chat  Has a learning curve 
Can be accessed from any device   
Facilitates quicker and more efficient board meetings   


The BoardPro Essentials plan is available from $75 per month while the Premium subscription is available from $125 per month. 

#2 OnBoard 

Onboard board management software creates a system of record that directors, administrators, and executives can use to make decisions easily and quickly. The intelligence software transforms the outdated and time-consuming board meeting procedures such that the management is able to concentrate on core matters. OnBoard board management software has an average user satisfaction score of 9.5. 

Salient Features 

  • Automates scheduling meetings
  • Allows the creation of itemized agendas
  • Compiles all meeting materials in a board book
  • Suitable for NPOs, management, and banking organizations
  • Includes Board tools like E-signatures, meeting archives, annotations, notes, permissioning, polls, and questionnaires


Pros  Cons 
Intuitive data and analytics  Doesn’t allow changes in the minutes once they are started
Uncomplicated board meetings to make them more efficient  Lacks options to customize profiles 
Can be accessed from any device from anywhere  
Unified and secure communications   
Facilitates collaboration, productivity, and efficiency   
Free trial available   


Price is available on request. The software comes with a 30-day free trial period. 

#3 Boardable

Boardable helps administrators and top executives collaborate and streamline operations for a comprehensive management experience for every part of the meeting’s lifecycle. Boardable has an average user satisfaction rating of  8.8 (document management) and 9.1 (ease of use).

Salient Features

  • Customizable and easy-to-share templates to build agenda 
  • Consolidates meeting materials in one place, accessible to all
  • Records of voting in polls and surveys 
  • Provides a document center to view all documents in one place
  • Centralizes communications to minimize back-and-forth emails and allows file sharing 
  • Useful for recording minutes and assigning tasks


Pros  Cons 
Time-saving and efficient organization and distribution of meeting materials, tasks, and agenda Buggy video integration 
Intuitive and easy to navigate from any device  The Android/iOS app doesn’t support all the features that the web browser version has
Automates paper-based processes via e-signatures  Limited capabilities on the Spotlight platform 
Facilitates groups for team-focused discussions   
Provides actionable insights into the board’s performance   


Price is available on request. Boardable offers a free trial for each of its subscription offers. 

#4 Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene is an award-winning board management software that offers an all-in-one suite to enhance the efficiency of the meetings, documenting them, and generating actions based on them after that. 

The software is popular among SMEs, banks, associations, governments, NPOs, and listed companies across 100 countries. 

Salient Features

  • Organizes and distributes board documents virtually
  • Provides a large number of tools for collaboration, file sharing, polls, etc. 
  • Functions via highly secure and certified data centers worldwide
  • Can be hosted on-cloud or on-premise
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and Android
  • Good technical customer support  


Pros  Cons 
Easy-to-use and Intuitive UI Doesn’t allow tools for integration with third-party video apps 
Highly flexible to suit specific client needs  The app shows frequent error messages. 
Keeps client data secure   
Can be accessed via any device   
Real-time collaboration   


Price is available on request. 

#5 Nasdaq Boardvantage

Nasdaq Boardvantage is an award-winning corporate board meeting software from Nasdaq. The software comes with the credibility of a global brand like Nasdaq and a network of corporate governance professionals. 

Salient Features

  • Board portal helps manage meetings, build agendas, and distribute materials
  • Aggregates information for board directors to access in one place
  • Facilitates communication through in-app email 
  • Allows reviewing meeting materials and executing decisions effectively
  • Can be accessed via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices


Pros  Cons 
Simple, efficient, and boosts productivity Steep learning curve 
Robust security  Limited Calendar functionalities 
Sleek and user-friendly interface  Only allows document linking via OneDrive 
Seamless and consistent user experience across all devices   
Unlimited storage and access to all features   
Offer long-term value  
Good technical support   


Price is available on request. Nasdaq Boardvantage software is available at an upfront pricing model at no hidden costs.   


Corporate board meeting software helps to smooth out the bumps and diversions while manually planning board meetings. By streamlining and sequencing tasks involved in setting up a meeting, running the proceedings, and documenting post the meeting, these tools help directors and executives to collaborate and exercise efficient leadership. 

Board meeting software is a necessity for corporations given the spread of remote work and the hybrid model of work to keep everyone in the loop, engaged in the proceedings, and contribute their best to the organization. 

FAQs on Corporate Board Meeting Software 

What is corporate board meeting software?

A corporate board meeting software is a portal that helps manage and run effective board meetings. The software offers a suite of functions like aggregating and sharing meeting materials, scheduling meetings, recording minutes, and setting agendas. The software helps to make the meetings more productive, improve engagement, notify members, and automate tasks related to meetings. 

What factors are important for an effective board meeting?

Besides using good corporate board meeting software, directors must ensure that the meeting participants are well aware of the agenda of the meeting and have all the documents at hand. Directors should also have a good rapport with managers and keep them in the loop. They should discuss long and short-term goals while managing conflicts of interest during the meeting. 

How do I choose a board portal?

Choosing a good board meeting software or board portal involves making a selection based on specific criteria, including mobility, engagement, security, support, technology, ease of use, director access, etc. 

What should a good meeting agenda contain? 

A good meeting agenda should comprehensively state the objective of the meeting, identify topics related to the objective to be discussed in the meeting, allot time to be spent on each topic, and include a list of necessary documents required for the meeting. A good agenda must also establish the type of meeting. 

What are the 5Ps of an effective board meeting?

Experts usually gauge the effectiveness of a meeting using the formula of the 5Ps. The 5P formula measures the time well spent during such meetings based on the purpose, planning, preparation, participation, and P.S. (follow-up post the meeting). 

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