Virtual Hiring Events – A Recruiter Perspective
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Virtual reality is the simulation created through computers using high-end technology like sensors and artificial intelligence that gives scope for interaction and stimulation of senses. For a very long time, the aspect of virtual reality was only used by the entertainment industry or for the automation of manufacturing processes. But as times changed, it started being used for various processes that were tedious and subject to overlooked information or mistakes.

Hiring is one of the most difficult, time-consuming, and tedious processes undertaken in a firm. With hundreds of applications pouring in and very few recruiters engaged in the hiring process, the amount of work falling on each individual recruiter becomes quite high. Reducing and automating these tedious tasks which fall on the recruiter increases the productivity of the recruiter and allows them to make better decisions in the recruiting process. The final result of this is that the recruiter chooses the right candidate.

It is to improve recruiter efficiency, that virtual hiring events are being popularised by companies like Hyreo, who have an experienced army of HR and techno experts that can make your hiring process faster and more efficient.

Hiring events can happen virtually, breaking the myth

It is human nature to be distrustful of change. Whenever any new disruption is introduced, while there are a few who will embrace innovation, the majority will always be skeptical and will be unwilling to experiment with the new.

Unsurprisingly, the same is true for virtual hiring. And now, there are myths surrounding virtual hiring and its effectiveness. And we are going to bust some right here:

Myth: virtual hiring events are expensive


Virtual hiring events are not expensive. Using virtual hiring events means reduced effort, and therefore fewer people are needed to run the entire hiring process.

Myth: it can be not easy to assess the person


There are various stages in a hiring process, and virtual hiring makes it only easier to keep a record of all the candidates and aids in assessing them

Myth: It attracts bad candidates


Whenever you post a job ad or run a recruitment campaign offline, there will be a mixture of different kinds of candidates who will apply for the job. Virtual hiring, in reality, broadens the geographical scope of hiring, and increases your chance of finding the right candidate.

Myth: it requires more effort


Most of the common processes associated with virtual hiring are greatly automated with the help of artificial intelligence. This is why it takes the burden off the shoulders of the recruiters rather than overburdening them

Myth: the candidates do not feel connected


With automated emails and constant engaging messages that are personalized for each candidate, a candidate is bound to stay and accept the job offer rather than ghost the company

Recruiters’ perspective

Recruiters often have one common universal complaint- before an interview and after the interview, they get hundreds of emails from all the candidates. Mostly these emails consist of frequently asked questions about the interview timings, company policies, etc etc. In short, these are all questions that could be quite easily automated.

And given the large number of emails that come in, it is  quite common for the recruiters to miss quite a few of these emails. This of course ends up being a bad experience for the candidate. At the end of the day, these bad candidate experiences affect the employer brand of the company.

The recruiters are often looking for an assistant to assist them in carrying out the hiring process efficiently and taking up the tedious work. Virtual hiring does exactly this!

How Hyreo helps

Hyreo acts as a bridge between the recruiter and the candidate. Everything from setting up the interview time by choice of both the recruiter and the candidate,  to replying to emails sent by the candidates – Hyreo takes care of all the elements in the hiring process which could be automated and makes the process faster and more efficient.


Though many myths had initially surrounded the virtual hiring processes, many big companies are now taking to virtual hiring due to the large inflow of candidates. Hyreo can help your firm deal with any issue that you face with hiring by making it intelligently automated.

  • 63% of the HR managers have used video interviews recently
  • 97.6% of the people say that they would like to hire virtually and remotely
  • IBM has saved $50 million per year in real estate costs, McKesson saved $2 million, and Sun Microsystems saved $68 million a year due to remote workers not needing office space.

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