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A prominent European bank reduced their candidate query resolution time by 44%, increased their chatbot adoption rate by 64% and boosted their offer conversion rates by 16%. Discover how they leveraged Hyreo's automated talent engagement platform to revolutionize their talent engagement and hiring outcomes.

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Picture a talent relationship management solution that instinctively knows the needs of every stakeholder in the recruitment process even before they do. Say hello to Hyreo! A state-of-the-art platform that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology and smart automations for thorough data analysis, delivering insightful and data-driven hiring advice. Whether you’re scouting for fresh talent or nurturing potential candidates, our candidate relationship management platform delivers unmatched insights to keep you at the forefront. Explore how we’re reinventing the talent relationship management landscape, helping businesses steer toward efficiency and precision.

Let your Talent Acquisition Process Scream Sophistication

'Customer-like' Candidate Experiences

Streamline your hiring process from job application to onboarding. Enhance mass recruitment efforts by automating painful recurring recruiter activities, and leverage data for more informed decision-making. Also, Hyreo seamlessly integrates with the existing recruiting software and combines conversational AI, data analytics, and predictive algorithms to create better hiring experiences.

Create a configurable and automated candidate outreach model from the point of job application and stay connected with them for a lifetime.

Automated outreach sequences

Automated email, SMS and WhatsApp cadences based on application stage, role or business group

Personalized outreach

Personalise and send rich text emails to target candidate groups or categories

Conversational AI

Improve real-time communication and issue management through an intelligent virtual agent

Embed different content types including videos, pdf, web link and more, while retaining the corporate branding.

Make interview scheduling simple and less labour intense. Equipped with automation capabilities, recruiters can save over 70% of efforts in interview scheduling, re-scheduling, follow up and reporting.

Schedule planning

Set dates, interviewers and let automation take over availability planning and slot replenishments

Automated scheduling

Slot matching and follow-ups powered by conversational AI makes interview scheduling quick and effective

Status and reporting

In-built real-time status and reporting capabilities for operational efficiency and transparency

Real time interview status available on the control center module for managing large volume hiring most effectively.

Create an engaging, predictable and smooth post offer and onboarding journey experience for selected candidates with improved offer conversion.

Offer to onboard journey

Build customizable onboarding journey based on role, job level or geography creating that ‘best’ first impression

Meet-ups and human led support

Set more meet-up and one to many sessions without having to burden the HR operation teams to coordinate

Real-time internal status

All internal stakeholders get real time status of candidate progress in the onboarding journey, internal and external

Highly personalized onboarding experience through automated and human led interventions for improved offer conversion.

Build rigour and transparency in managing candidate expectations in the post selection stage by implementing a customer experience grade issue management engine.

Automated ticket engine

Intelligent conversational AI agent to auto create valid candidate concerns as tickets with ownership and SLA

Real time status

Candidates can access real-time status of tickets and re-open tickets if required 

Reporting and insights

Talent and HR operations team have real time view of issues and understand key challenges backed by data 

Ability to understand candidate concerns, react quicker and understand organizational level process improvement areas

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We integrate effortlessly with over 100 diverse apps and tools - from Human Capital Management solutions and Video Plug-ins to Productivity tools and Coding Assessments. We blend them all to ensure a superior hiring experience for you and your candidates.

Results, Delivered.

We know numbers speak volumes


increase in candidate touch points


recurring recruiter tasks automated


reduction in candidate pre-screening time


candidates queries auto-responded

Delightful Experiences

Hear it From Our Happy Customers

Rathnaprabha Manickavachagam Managing Director, Head of Innovation & Digital Transformation at Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

“Societe Generale GSC has always added value to the group through innovation. Its great to see startups like Hyreo who were part of our open innovation program ‘Catalyst’ add incredible value to the SGGSC recruiting process through their innovative candidate experience platform. Hyreo is about great product, flexible approach and constant innovation“

Magesh Sambasivan HR Head, Societe Generale GSC

“Societe Generale GSC in India has rolled out the Hyreo CRM in 2020 and the experience has been positive. Hyreo worked closely with the HR team and released the solution in a timely manner. The chatbot and analytics platform has enabled us with the right insights and made our candidate experience better“

Badur Navaz Head, Talent Acquisition for Digital Foundation Services - India, Asia, Middle East & Africa - HCLTech

With the evaluation process taking care of the quality of hire, the real challenge faced by recruiters is "successful onboarding".
With Hyreo, we now deliver personalized, engaging interactions on demand, through chat, email, and text messages. This has improved our recruiter bandwidth and serves to strengthen our employer brand and increase our candidate touch-points significantly.


Prioritizing your data's safety is at the core of our values. Hyreo is both GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, ensuring that every piece of information you entrust with us is handled with the utmost security and integrity.

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