What is Cold Calling in Recruitment?

Cold calling in recruitment may seem an outdated practice today, but in truth, cold calling in recruitment agencies is an untapped opportunity. If done the right way, cold calling can get new leads and convert potential clients into sales opportunities.  The adage ‘cold calling is dead’ is a myth. On the contrary, it is still […]

Tips to use the top 5 Social Media for Recruiting

Filling job vacancies is a continuous and consistent activity for the recruitment team. Organizations seek talent for newly created job roles or vacancies created due to internal job transfers, promotions, and employee turnover.  Hiring has evolved at so many levels – the term hiring changed into recruitment and then to talent acquisition; from candidates submitting […]

All you need to know about Virtual Recruiting

Virtual recruitment, i.e., hiring candidates remotely facilitated by technology, isn’t a new phenomenon in the corporate scene. Interestingly, the year when IBM made the first smartphone, the first job board was also launched on a dial-up BBS – that year was 1992. Since then, technological advances have frog leaped over the decades and brought innovations […]

Understanding how Recruitment CRM can benefit your organization

If you ask a 50-year-old what his/her recruitment process was like, they would tell you that they probably went for the interview after seeing an advertisement in a newspaper. Once they were selected, the company’s HR took a copy of their resume and photograph for their records. Over time, whenever there was some change in […]

Candidate personas: all you need to know about them

Candidate experience is a key recruitment factor for companies seeking to hire capable, well-qualified candidates. A 2021 survey revealed that 58% of job seekers did not accept the job offer due to poor job experience.  The equation of power in a recruiter-job seeker relationship has turned in favor of the job seeker today. They are […]

6 Recruiting Reports to know about

In a world of information and data, it has become necessary for HR managers to focus on how they can create, collect and store recruitment data that would help them do better. Considering that most HR teams have to look into various aspects of human resources, having the correct reports and documents would help them […]

Best tips for hiring a good software developer

Anyone who uses the Internet knows that to visit the required site, you will have to type in the key words in the search engine. Once you see the link, you click on it. All it takes is a few words and a click for you to get the desired results. However, this simple task […]

Top 5 HR Software for Small Businesses to Use in 2023

The word ‘small businesses’ often indicates that most of the activities and departments are handled by the business owners themselves. While this might be true to an extent, like any other big business, small businesses also need better HR that can help them with all the activities and processes.  Having a good and efficient HR […]

What is HR Software and How to Select the Right One?

In a competitive candidate-driven market, businesses need to focus on how the human resource department performs and adds productivity to the overall business. On the other hand, HR teams and professionals understand the pressure and responsibilities that they need to execute to keep up with the growing competition and the need to hunt and acquire […]

Top Best OKR Software to implement in 2023

One of the key intrinsic values that most people have is to set goals. Some tend to be measurable goals; while others turn out to be ambitious goals. Most of us practice this every day. Various methods like journaling, creating a ‘to-do’ list, etc. are used by us. On completion of each goal, it is […]