Top challenges faced by recruiters in hiring – Hyreo poll results

Home Products Enterprise Suite Post Offer Solution Virtual Hiring Events University Hiring SMB Solutions Employee Referral Support Resources Blogs Company About Us Contact Us Try for Free Top challenges faced by recruiters in hiring – Hyreo poll results Recruiting and onboarding the right candidates comes with a host of challenges for the recruiters. At each […]

Oracle Startup Idol 2020: Hyreo and 5 Other Startups in The Battle of Pitches

On September 22nd, Hyreo and 5 other world class startups participated in the Oracle Startup Idol, the battle of pitches. Before an audience of regional 50 APAC analysts, the six cloud startups showcased their products and introduced the technologies that will build the future. Including Hyreo, all the startups were members of the Oracle for Startups […]

Virtual Hiring – Trends & Opportunities

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought in a monumental shift in all areas of lives. From social-life to work-life, the pandemic has brought in uncertainty to everything that was a part of daily life or, say was normal. This uncertainty is being faced by all industries, and not that recruitment or the HR industry is any […]

Why focus on improving Candidate Experience?

Today’s fast-moving and tight labor market demands enterprises to figure out that one factor which gives them the advantage in talent acquisition. With the talent war raging on, a simple and crucial step of choosing a comprehensive candidate experience strategy can be the game-changer. So, what is candidate experience? And why is it important to […]

Tips to prepare for a successful job interview

Are you looking for a job change? Has anything changed in the hiring space with respect to the ongoing global scenario? What can we do better to create a more compelling case in our favor? Yes, there has been a change on the demand side, and hiring has got impacted in multiple sectors but is […]

Oracle for Startups : Hyreo Makes the Next Big Leap in June 2020

In June 2020, Hyreo officially partnered with Oracle for Startups Program. This partnership gives Hyreo new opportunities to interact with an extensive network of Oracle global leaders, product experts, and customers. Collaborating with the Oracle Cloud technical team has helped Hyreo to explore new and unique opportunities to innovate and transform candidate experience in recruiting […]

4 Ways To Improve Employer Branding

It’s a known fact that companies attracting top talent have a great employer brand. The absence of a strong employer brand will lead enterprises to miss out on top candidates, potentially loose revenue, and also can have a negative impact on other areas of the business. On the other side, the benefits of a positive […]

The Societe Generale ‘CATALYST’ accelerator program : A fulfilling journey for Hyreo

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell Hyreo was a participant of the 2018 Summer edition of Societe Generale (SG) ‘CATALYST’ accelerator program. Hyreo had an amazing journey since then […]

Candidate Experience:Just a Buzzword?

We see plenty of corporate throwing around the term Candidate Experience as part of their branding and promotion efforts. What is this development and what does it imply? Like any other industry, the recruitment industry has also experienced a disruption. As far as disruptions are concerned, this one was a welcome change that should have […]

Post Offer Engagement

What is post-offer engagement and why is it so important? Candidate engagement refers to engaging the candidate in meaningful ways throughout the recruitment process using different mediums like texts, emails, newsletters, etc. This not only lets the recruiter feel the pulse of the candidate, how he perceives the company, his experience of the recruitment process […]