Recruiting CRM v/s ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
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A revolution is being seen in the world of recruitment. As the competition is increasing in the corporate world every day, a pool of talented individuals is available in an ocean of candidates. So, although getting the right job is not easy for a candidate, it is even more difficult for a recruiter to find the right candidate who can be a good fit for the company.

It is not humanly possible to go through the truckload of applications that come in for every single vacancy, and this is where the hiring aids like CRM and ATS make the hiring process smooth, easy, and highly efficient!

Recruiting CRM v/s ATS

What is CRM?

CRM here means candidate relationship management. This system software enables recruiters to stay in touch with and manage their relationship with the candidates. To ensure a good candidate experience, there has to be good, clear, personalized communication between the candidate and the recruiter. With the help of CRM, you can send personalized emails, updates, and messages to the candidates in bulk to establish communication and understanding with them. A recruiter can also use the CRM to conduct surveys to identify what can be improved in the hiring process.

Having an engaging hiring process is also memorable for the candidate and it stays for the longest time with them.

What is ATS?

ATS stands for application tracking system. This system software helps the managers keep track of the candidates who are currently a part of the recruitment process. They can compare their talents, automatically post job ads, and receive, collect, organize, and analyze candidate data to make the hiring process easier. The application tracking system software helps in providing the right hiring and recruiting tools to the companies.

The use of ATS in the industry has been growing, and there are plenty of reasons behind it. For instance, top recruiters hire for multiple roles at the same time and end up receiving a huge number of applications. Since today, applying for a job is super easy online, candidates feel like there is no harm in giving it a shot. It is the applicant tracking system that helps in keeping the resumes in a single place and helps the recruiters stay ultra-organized. With the help of ATS, the hiring managers can easily narrow down their pool of candidates, which makes their task 10 times easier.

Almost all major companies use ATS. As per recent research, almost 98% of the Fortune 500 companies out there have been using ATS.

This makes the interviewing, shortlisting, selecting, and onboarding of candidates and employees smoother than ever before!

Difference Between CRM and ATS:

While both CRM and ATS focus on making the candidate experience good for the candidates and the hiring process smoother for the recruiters, they have some key differences that make each of them important.

CRM can be used to keep track of and communicate with everyone who is of interest to the organization- irrespective of whether they have applied for a job or not, or even if there is no vacancy. On the other hand, ATS is used only during the hiring process to make the process easier. The job of the CRM begins where the job of the ATS ends. While the ATS is used to make the hiring process simpler, the CRM is used to make sure that the candidates for whom the offer letters are rolled out actually join the organization.

In short, ATS is a tool that is the backbone of the formal hiring process, and it even helps in the onboarding of new employees. On the other hand, CRM is the precursor of the formal hiring process that makes the candidates aware of the company’s requirements. 

Why Are Both CRM and ATS Necessary?

What makes your organization stand out in a crowd is the candidate experience. The best companies get the best employees because of the attractive and satisfactory candidate experience that attracts the best employees towards them!

With CRM, you can have the information of all the industry leaders and newcomers who may be of interest to your employee. You can keep pitching your schemes and plans to keep them in the loop. With ATS, you can automate the hiring process to a great extent and make sure that you choose the best out of all your options!

Observing closely, we can conclude that CRM and ATS are not opposite or contrasting but rather complement one another. One can make the performance of others better, and both tools together promise a smooth hiring process for a company that can elevate the candidate experience to new levels.

If you are looking to build a lifelong relationship with your candidates, then all you need is Hyreo’s CRM which comes along with deep conversational AI and virtual hiring capabilities.

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