Best 8 Podcasts that Recruiters need to listen to in 2023

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Podcasts can be a great way to catch up with conversations going around the world while on the go or running chores. There are thousands of podcasts available today on a diverse range of topics – all you need is a set of headphones, and you are good to go. 

Human Resources is one such field that requires constant upskilling and upgrades when it comes to catching up with the latest trends, whether it is the significance of candidate experience today or the prevalence of AI-powered HR software automating manual deeds. 

And, if you are a recruiter or a talent acquisition leader, you must keep up with all the changes and evolutions happening in the space. While conferences and seminars are the conventions and a great way to revive your HR oeuvre, they happen occasionally. Attending them isn’t always feasible, given your job’s work routines and needs. 

So what can be done? Podcasts can be the answer. 

Podcasts can be a fun and engaging way to learn about the new trends and regulations happening in the HR scene while you are doing errands, having a job in the park, or between work breaks. You aren’t required to set aside a specific time, spend a grand, or travel places to be a part of conversations – they lie right in your smartphone.   

This article explores the top recruiting podcasts you can listen to amp up your HR knowledge related to the circle’s current trends, issues, and debates and stay at the top of your game.  

Best 8 Recruiting Podcasts in 2023 to catch up with HR trends and innovations

The number of podcasts that concern HR and talent acquisition today is many and diverse. However, not all carry the same value. Some are interviews, while others are informational shows. Here’s a list of the best recruiting podcasts you can listen to in 2023. 

#1 Recruiting Future 

Host: Matt Alder

Matt Alder’s podcast focuses on HR innovation and caters to senior HR professionals and recruitment entrepreneurs. It is one of the longest-running and most successful recruitment podcasts. 

The podcast has been running successfully for a period of 8 years and has over 200 episodes in its playlist. The podcast episodes are released bi-weekly and are 25-40 minutes long. 

Matt Alder interviews the thought leaders in the recruitment industry who are bringing change with their innovation and vision. Alder discusses hiring trends and talent acquisition topics, such as the impact of remote work on recruiting, etc., with his guests in his podcasts. The discussions revolve primarily around data and research. 

The podcast is listed on Alder’s website with a short summary of the episode and the topics discussed in the podcast. Anyone interested in listening to the podcast can have a quick look at the contents to get an idea first and listen to the interview when they have time. 

Matt Alder is a recruitment specialist and consultant with two decades of talent acquisition experience. He has co-authored a book – Exceptional Talent –  with Mervyn Dinnen and is also a professional speaker.   

#2 Recruitment on the Go 

Host: Caitie McCollow, Mingus Xola Mkubukeli, and Monika Nemcova 

True to its name, Recruitment on the Go by Caitie McCollow has 15-20 minute long episodes that are convenient to listen to on the go. During its run time, the podcast had daily episodes throughout the workweek. 

However, the podcast has been discontinued and hasn’t been updated for over two years. 

The podcast offered some great insights and thoughts on the hiring process. The podcast received an excellent rating during its airing due to its production quality. Even today, the podcast is a great source for people who want to listen to some classic stuff that can never go out of fashion in HR. 

Recruitment on the go is one of those podcasts that offer handy advice that is useful and effective in work and office life without the metrics and deductions involved. In short, rather than discussing the why of the problem, the podcast focused on the ‘how’ aspect of the solution to the problem. 

McCollow interviewed experienced recruiters who devised techniques and suggestions that could be applied in any recruitment strategy. 

#3 HR Happy Hour 

Host: Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

HR Happy Hour is one of the most popular HR podcasts that’s a must-have on every HR podcast list. The podcast has episodes that majorly focus on the trends related to HR, management, and technology since 2009. 

The episodes revolve around a range of themes and topics and are entertaining and informative at the same time. The discussions also concern some of the most raging and challenging topics, such as Artificial Intelligence in today’s workplace. 

Steve Boese hosts the podcast with guests from a diverse range, including HR consultants, managers, authors, and other professionals. The episodes are a culmination of meticulously researched data and insightful advice, empowering HR leaders with powerful tactics to elevate their day-to-day operations.

One of the interesting episodes from HR Happy Hour is titled ‘How to turn the great resignation into the great attraction,’ where the guests discuss ‘the great attraction trend’ occurring as a byproduct of The Great Resignation trend.  

#4 The Chad and Cheese Podcast 

Hosts: Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash 

This podcast isn’t any run-on-the-mill podcast serving lectures and analytics on HR insights. Instead, it is one of the quirkiest and snarkiest podcasts, with four decades of experience filled with a fresh perspective on recruitment. 

The episodes are a sarcastic mix of breaking news in recruitment, employment, and human resource and criticisms about the staffing and recruitment industry. Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash are the two industry veterans that host the show regularly. 

The podcast has guests and hosts discussing and re-evaluating the changes in the recruitment industry, including the evolving DEI values (Diversity, Culture, and inclusion), hybrid working, and related trending topics. 

Even the names of the podcasts are snarky and amusing. For instance, one of their episodes is named ‘Suck it, LinkedIn! Salesforce acquires Slack.’ This is a no-nonsense podcast that will have you hooked for its sheer transparency, directness, and being unbiased. 

#5 The Future of Work 

Host: Jacob Morgan 

The podcast is hosted by Jacob Morgan, who interviews HR executives from big brands like Walmart, Weight Watchers, and other brands worldwide. It is a weekly podcast on topics covering challenges, trends, and innovative solutions related to the future of work. 

The episode duration varies from 7-minute clips to 60-minute-long interviews, which you can hear at your convenience.  

Jacob is a smooth and savvy conversationalist who talks on all kinds of topics related to HR in the corporate world. People can learn from the leaders in the space about their perspectives and expert opinions on any number of complex topics. 

Listening to his podcasts can also help improve conversation skills and ways to tackle testing situations in real-world scenarios like interviews. The podcast series boasts leader testimonies on various topics – from job improvement to AI in recruiting. 

#6  Recruiter Startup  

Host: Dualta Doherty 

Dualta is a recruitment specialist working with high-growth companies. The podcast he hosts is meant for HR professionals to help them expand their knowledge of startup expansion and administration and ultimate development into a world-class recruitment company. 

The podcast covers how other countries handle recruitment and interviews HR recruitment leaders from across the world to gather information on the same. The podcast covers themes such as lead engagement, digital marketing recruiting, etc. 

In the interviews, Dualta talks with his guests about recruiters’ issues and challenges, victories, problems, risks, and the methods they used to overcome the challenges. 

#7 Hiring on All Cylinders 

Host: Entelo 

This podcast covers recruitment and staffing updates in real time and the hacks and tricks involved in tackling the same. The episode covers topics from resume building to the recent economic downturn and related issues. 

The topic covers important recruitment-related conversations, such as technology, candidate experience during COVID-19, economic downturn as an opportunity for talent acquisition, and other workforce advancements. 

The host, Entelo, interviews HR professionals who work on the frontlines and drive change and innovation. 

#8 Transform your Workplace

Host: Brandon Laws 

The podcast airs every Tuesday, and each episode is a 25-45 minute-long video. The topics cover business practices, workplace culture, and other HR-related topics relevant to the workplace. The podcast was once called Xenium HR. Xenium is still a sponsor of the show. 

The themes range from mental health issues and difficulties arising during the hiring process. The topics appeal to a wide audience making the podcast one of the most popular recruiting podcasts in 2023. 

Brandon invites industry experts and leaders, professors, and industry professionals to participate in the conversations. Listeners can learn a lot from these podcasts on how to transform their workplaces in the right direction. Brandon’s experience in recruitment can benefit young listeners who want to make it big in the industry.  

Wrap Up 

While there are numerous recruitment podcasts being aired daily, there are only a few that are worth your ears and time. A good podcast should be light on jargon and heavy on value and should entertain while educating. You can form or reform your perspectives and strategy on business and HR or get fact-based research and analyses on recruiting from a diverse selection of recruiting podcasts in this article. 

Listen to them during breaks on the go or while commuting, or dedicate an hour to gather insights from such podcasts. Podcasts can be a rich source of information and a great way to witness conversations with leaders and experts that we don’t encounter in our day-to-day life.  

FAQs on Recruiting Podcasts 

What are the 3 Rs of talent acquisition?

The three Rs in talent acquisition refer to the tripartite of Recruit, Reward, and Retain as a sure-shot tactic to win the confidence and commitment of your workforce while helping them grow as an individual each day. By recruiting the right people and rewarding their good performance,  recruiters can retain talent and reduce turnover. 

Is talent acquisition different from HR? 

Talent acquisition is the initial step when recruiters work out strategies and implement them to hire prospective candidates. Talent acquisition is a pre-onboarding phase and involves recruitment planning, attracting candidates, screening, hiring, and onboarding.
HR, on the other hand, is a post-onboarding stage once the candidates turn into new employees ready to take on their new roles. This stage may include compensation and benefits management, training and development, performance management, etc.

What are the latest trends in talent acquisition?

Some of the latest trends in talent acquisition include working from home—remote interviewing, candidate experience,  data-driven recruiting, automated nurturing, etc.  

What are the three most important recruitment analytics? 

While there are many recruitment analytics that HR professionals use to gauge the performance of the recruiting process, the three most important ones include quality of hire, time of hire, and recruiting costs benchmarks. 

What is a good talent acquisition strategy? 

A good talent acquisition strategy involves setting up the recruitment process for a great candidate experience, streamlining and automating the core recruitment process, promoting DEI values in the hiring process, and finally, leveraging analytics to scale the hiring process and identify the challenges and weaknesses. 

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