Revolutionizing Recruitment:

How Hyreo Enabled a Leading European Bank to Streamline Talent Engagement and Improve Hiring Outcomes


Our strategic partnership with a distinguished European financial institution specializing in investment and commercial banking was to address their persistent recruitment challenges of inconsistent and unpredictable processes and poor candidate engagement. Faced with an array of discerning clients and diverse talent pools, the institution sought a solution that would enable them to attract and hire highly qualified candidates with an engaging and streamlined recruitment process fostering transparency and efficiency.

Business Challenges

Navigating the management of 15,000 monthly job applications spanning diverse domains posed a formidable hurdle for our client, a top-tier European financial institution. Their recruiting team, hamstrung by bandwidth constraints, grappled with prolonged waiting periods and a disheartening candidate experience. Recognizing the need for agility in an ever-evolving talent landscape, they sought a solution capable of streamlining their recruitment process while engaging top-tier talent with remarkable efficiency.

Enter Hyreo, the personalized and automated talent engagement platform. Our partnership empowered the client to surmount their challenges, elevating recruiter productivity, amplifying the candidate experience, and instilling a sense of predictability throughout the recruitment journey. With Hyreo, they adeptly managed soaring application volumes, dispensed timely updates, and meticulously crafted a seamless and captivating recruitment experience.


Hyreo’s enterprise post-offer solution extended comprehensive support to candidates who had received job offers and were bound by notice periods spanning 30, 60, or 90 days, seamlessly integrating with the client’s existing Human Capital Management (HCM) system. The Hyreo platform harnessed the power of corporate branding with hyper-personalized communication via diverse channels aligned to the client’s corporate brand guidelines and content principles. The solution enabled the customer to keep the potential candidates engaged positively with frequent and clear updates with higher conversions while also enhancing recruiter efficiency and productivity.


Leveraging Hyreo's aid, the HR leadership harnessed automation and intelligent platforms to enhance talent engagement with seamless communication and augment predictability in the recruitment process. The recruiting team was freed up to concentrate on strategic initiatives, as the solution empowered them to manage a high volume of applications, perform effortless scheduling of interviews and meetings, and forge a recruitment process that was transparent and predictable.

The partnership yielded the following key outcomes:
● A remarkable 64% adoption rate of chatbot for L1 issue resolution.
● A noteworthy 44% reduction in candidate concern resolution time.
● An impressive 16% improvement in offer conversion rates.
● A commendable 44% candidate share in CSATs (Candidate Satisfaction Scores).
● An exceptional 82% accuracy rate in predicting candidates' propensity to join.
● An equivalent automation of HR Operations' full-time equivalent (FTE) effort by a factor of 2.5.


Hyreo’s enterprise recruiting CRM solution facilitated seamless talent engagement, curtailed candidate concern resolution times, amplified offer conversion rates, elevated candidate satisfaction, and optimized HR operations. Harnessing the power of automation and intelligent platforms, the bank streamlined its recruitment process, enticing high-caliber talent from a myriad of fields.

In summary, the implementation of Hyreo's solution ushered in a markedly improved and predictable recruitment experience for the client's candidates, culminating in enhanced hiring metrics. By surmounting the obstacles faced by the recruiting team, the client is now better equipped to confidently navigate future recruitment endeavors.

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