Post Offer Engagement

What is post-offer engagement and why is it so important?

Candidate engagement refers to engaging the candidate in meaningful ways throughout the recruitment process using different mediums like texts, emails, newsletters, etc. This not only lets the recruiter feel the pulse of the candidate, how he perceives the company, his experience of the recruitment process but also give him a better and wholesome picture of the company. Gone are the days when extending the offer letter to a prospective candidate was the equivalent of the final step in recruitment. Statistics from a Career builder survey revealed that a whopping 51% of candidates continue to look for jobs even after receiving an offer letter. This is goes to show that extending an offer letter is certainly not a definitive and final stage of recruitment. By investing in building and nourishing the candidate’s experience with the company, recruiters increase the chances of acceptance of the offer and a hard stop on the job search front.

Let’s look at some ways to keep the candidates engaged with the company.

  1.Post-offer Bundle

Once the offer has been made, make sure to communicate with the candidate on a regular basis. Bombarding his/her inbox will probably be construed as a nuisance. But a weekly newsletter or videos of the top management in the media or unique company milestones will keep the candidate engaged and invested in the company and deter him/her from continuing the job search in earnest. The upside of sending such links in the mail is that the candidate has the flexibility to check them out and his/her convenience and also feels that the company is truly invested in them.

  2.Meet current employees

A candidate who has been made an offer is probably very alien to your company. It might be a great idea to arrange for them to meet and interact with a couple of current employees. This will not only make them feel more comfortable with the team but will also give them an opportunity to network with others who share similar interests, hobbies or background, regardless of their final decision to join your company or not. The tone of these meetings need to be casual and not nosiness-like.

  3.Career development

After an offer has been made, the candidate could still be looking for clarifications or have questions about the role, company or associated things. They may have questions about career growth within the company or require specific training in a domain that an immediate boss or supervisor maybe unable to provide. A team that can field such queries and help the candidate get a holistic picture about his fit in the company will strengthen his decision to accept your offer.


One of the most common reasons for candidates to not honor their acceptance of the offer is lack of direct and clear communication. Whether it is clarity about the job description or salary negotiations or even pre on-boarding formalities, keeping a candidate in the dark or waiting endlessly for basic information or guidance is a strong deterring factor for them to join your company. It is ideal to keep in touch with them via multiple mediums such as email and text, without seeming like you are bombarding them with instructions.

With the advent of AI and automation in recruitment processes, post offer follow up can easily be tracked and executed without much human intervention. Emails and text messages can be triggered as a result of key exchanges with a chat-bot interface. It has become absolutely necessary to continuously engage the candidate from his/ her “first look” to his/ her “first day”, so to speak, in order for him/ her so finally survive the post offer period without changing his/ her mind or choosing a better option.

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