Effective Post-Offer Engagement to Reduce Candidate Drop-offs  

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Everything You Want to Know About Hyreo’s Post-Offer Solution  

We all know how a recruitment process can be– lengthy, tedious, expensive, and so on. Now, imagine investing a significant amount of time and effort into CV shortlisting, screening, and interviewing a vast number of candidates, only to have your chosen hires ghost you after accepting the offer. This frustrating scenario is more common than you think. A Gartner HR Survey conducted with 3,500 candidates over 12 months found that 50% of respondents backed out after accepting a job offer. Why? What urges these excited candidates to suddenly decline the offer and go after other companies? 

Reasons for candidate drop-offs during pre-onboarding  

Lengthy processes 

The long-winded nature of the hiring process is not an unfamiliar concept. In fact, recruiters pursuing a traditional recruitment framework are so accustomed to the lengthy routine that they naturally overlook the negative impression it leaves on candidates. It may have clicked with the previous generation because hiring wasn’t so talent-centric back then. However, modern candidates are quite specific about their priorities and expectations and are unlikely to tolerate such delays as there are companies offering shorter hiring processes assisted by new technologies. Hence, organizations having time-consuming hiring processes will turn the post-offer stage dry for candidates, making them seek offers elsewhere.    

Lack of Communication 

Effective communication is crucial to building strong connections between recruiters and candidates and making the hiring process smooth and efficient. In today’s digital era, where face-to-face interactions are limited, communication becomes the cornerstone for establishing trust and confidence with candidates. However, recruiters often get so absorbed in the onboarding process that they neglect regular communication, leaving candidates in the dark about what to expect next. With no proper updates on the onboarding progress, they would either panic or get disengaged enough to look for backup offers, which may be less appealing than yours. A lack of communication, especially during the post-offer stage, can thus result in losing top talent.  

Reduced Engagement 

Effective communication alone isn’t enough to retain candidates, especially those with longer notice periods. Beyond providing regular updates and follow-ups, it’s crucial to facilitate engaging interactions with candidates. This involves inquiring about their recruitment experience, sharing snippets of your company culture, and promptly addressing any concerns they may have. Such interactions offer opportunities to transparently discuss responsibilities and connect candidates with key stakeholders. However, a lack of proper engagement can ruin these chances to build long-term relationships. More importantly, disengaged candidates may develop a negative impression of your brand and share their dissatisfaction with peers, damaging your brand reputation.  


A well-curated post-offer solution from Hyreo 

Well, the thing is, people tend to get detached when there is no regular contact or communication. According to studies, 58% of companies have their onboarding programs mostly focused on paperwork after extending offers. With recruiters becoming quite occupied with the onboarding formalities, they hardly have time for candidate communication, and the narrow window they manage is inadequate to nurture candidate engagement. Some recruiters couldn’t communicate at all due to the administrative burden. As a result, they encounter many last-minute drop-offs, losing the best candidates to their competitors.  

Needless to say, the key to mitigating this challenge is strengthening post-offer engagement, meanwhile requiring only minimal or zero recruiter intervention. Here’s where #Hyreo steps in to streamline the pre-onboarding process and ensure effective engagement with new hires.   

Take a glimpse into our exclusive post-offer solution that not only retains candidates during the post-offer period but also makes them stick around beyond that.  


Hyreo’s Post-Offer Engagement  

In the modern talent-driven market, it’s natural to find candidates juggling multiple offers at once. However, what makes all the difference is the post-offer follow-up (POFU) initiatives taken by each organization and how well they manage to keep the candidates engaged and satisfied. Our post-offer follow-up solution seamlessly blends the powers of AI functionalities and Automation to bring in top-tier engagement to candidates.  

Process Automation: As we discussed, a lengthy hiring process is what creates gaps between recruiter and candidate interactions, resulting in prolonged waiting time and eventual offer declines. Hyreo automates a majority of the manual hiring workload, including the pre-onboarding paperwork, making sure that candidates won’t have to endlessly wait and deal with frustration. Our automation functionalities have assisted many clients in streamlining not just the pre-onboarding process but every other non-strategic activity from application to onboarding, reducing recruiter effort substantially.  

Automated Nudge Engine: Here’s the best solution to enhance your employer brand. Our Nudge Engine facilitates consistent and engaging interactions with candidates through SMS, emails, WhatsApp, and push content. Leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, we create content tailored to each candidate’s profile, implementing powerful brand storytelling and targeted messaging that keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds. 

Conversational AI Chatbot: Imagine having a hiring assistant who does all the talking with candidates while recruiters can relax and work on crafting strategies. Meet Hyreo’s AI chatbot. This virtual companion ensures that the candidates are having the best pre-onboarding experience by initiating frequent conversations with them, addressing their concerns, connecting them with stakeholders, guiding them through onboarding formalities, and nurturing a positive sentiment in them throughout the process.   

Smart Ticketing Engine: Even if you manage to keep the hiring process shorter, there is another challenge that pushes candidates to consider dropping off. Candidate concerns! Many candidates are not familiar with the nuances of onboarding, and they may have a lot of concerns before sticking with their decision to join your company. These concerns have to be addressed on time to let them know that you are there to support them throughout. Our ticketing engine does this and more. It supports ticket raising, tracks and categorizes them according to query type, and directs them to the appropriate operational users for resolution within SLAs. Additionally, it ensures candidates receive excellent onboarding support through transparent communication, proper feedback, and timely follow-ups.  

Cadence Calling Cards: Recruiters have a hard time keeping candidates with shorter notice periods engaged. Imagine the horror when the notice periods go over 60 days or 90 days. Undoubtedly, there is a need for regular communication not just through text but also through actual calls to make candidates aware that you value them and are consistent about checking with them. For this, we have the calling cards. This POFU functionality maintains candidate engagement by scheduling regular check-in calls based on the candidate’s notice period. This ensures continuous touchpoints and keeps candidates informed and connected until their official joining.  

Hyreo’s POFU solution aims to help organizations enhance their candidate engagement during pre-onboarding meanwhile lifting the onboarding paperwork burden off recruiters’ shoulders. By integrating Hyreo’s post-offer solution, you can significantly reduce candidate drop-offs and deliver an engaging pre-onboarding experience that will lead to better candidate retention even after the onboarding.   


Candidates pay great attention to the way you treat them during their recruitment journey because it gives them an idea of what they can expect when they become employees at your organization. Hyreo’s exclusive post-offer solution focuses on ensuring that all your top-performing candidates are given the best onboarding experience so that their loyalty remains with you for a very long time.  

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