How to efficiently schedule an interview with a candidate?
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Key Takeaways 

  • Create a comprehensive interview schedule email that touches on every important topic
  • Make sure to keep the tone engaging and positive
  • A well-written interview schedule email makes the company look good

Interviews are all about first impressions, be it for the candidate, or the company. Around 90% of the candidates make up their minds on whether or not to attend the interview solely based on the kind of interview schedule email they receive. It’s that crucial. An interview invitation email is the first step of communication the company makes with the candidate and is an excellent opportunity for the company to make its mark. The key lies in hitting the sweet spot where the invitation email is both interesting and informative. No candidate can turn down your interview invitation email if you play your cards right. So how do we do it? Let’s dive in!

What information should you include in an interview schedule email?

The rule of thumb when it comes to drafting an interview schedule email is to make sure that you do not miss out on any relevant information. It is found that a properly structured interview schedule email increased the initial screening calls by 20%. If the candidate reverts back with a couple of questions and a whole lot of confusion regarding the interview, then you have not got it quite right.  Let’s make sure that such an event never happens. Think from the point of view of the candidate for a while and come up with questions they probably might have. Frame an email around these questions and you won’t have to worry about missing out on any information.

8 basic elements every interview scheduling email should have 

Add the following information to your interview schedule email and you can find a happy candidate on its receiving end.

#1 Your company’s name

While this does seem a bit obvious, it is sometimes possible to overlook the most obvious things. So just to be safe, let us add this item to the checklist. Begin the mail by introducing the candidate to the company name. 

#2 The position to be filled by the candidate

The next most important thing to include in your interview schedule email is the job  for which the candidate is being interviewed. This gives them a clear idea of ​​what the company expects from them, which helps them prepare effectively for the process.

#3 Topics to be discussed in the interview 

Prepare a short list of topics you might want to discuss during the interview and include it in the email. This gives the candidate some control in the meeting because they  have an idea of ​​what they are doing

#4 Names and designations of everyone attending the meeting

It is crucial to add information related to the individuals attending the meeting. With the help of their names and appointment data, the candidate can treat them accordingly and also analyze the  importance of the appointment. 

#5 Set the interview format and location 

If the interview takes place in person, be sure to correctly describe the location  and  format of the interview. 

#6 Duration of interview

To make things clear, you can give the candidate an estimated duration of the interview. These extra elements will make your email pop. 

#7 What to wear 

Instead of asking the candidate  to dress appropriately for the interview, do them one better and mention the interview dress code. This saves the candidate from guessing and figuring out what to wear for the event.

#8 How to find the location

This might look like an overkill but it is absolutely not. It is these small elements that show the candidate that your company actually cares. Add a small description of how to reach the location and the candidate will thank you for it. 

Sample interview email for reference

Below given is a sample template of a normal interview schedule email that encompasses all the points we have discussed so far. 

Dear Amy,

Thank you for your interest in Technologent Solutions. We reviewed your application for the job role of Marketing Manager and we would love to set up an in-person interview with you at our Michigan office.

We can discuss you and the job in detail. You will be meeting with James Scott, head of our Marketing division, along with some of the other members of the marketing team. The content of the meeting would mainly revolve around your skills and experiences, and the current marketing trends.  The interview will last for an hour.

Please let me know of your availability on the following dates and times:



Wear formals and carry your ID card with you. Our company is located at 634 N Mechanic St., Jackson, Michigan. 

We look forward to meeting you

Thanks and Regards,

Mathew Miller



An interview schedule email can be considered the face of the company. It can also be the most time-consuming activity a recruiter ever has to do. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. All you have to do is engage the candidate and provide them with the necessary details to attend the interview efficiently. This is all there is to come up with the perfect recipe for a spot-on interview schedule email. Make sure to leave a lasting impression on the candidate and you are good to go!

FAQs about interview scheduling emails

What are the benefits of a well-written interview scheduling email?

The biggest benefit of an interview schedule email is that it increases the chance of the candidate responding back to it. If not written properly, the candidate might choose to ignore the mail.

What is the most important element of an interview scheduling email?

The tone and attitude of the email have the most impact on the interviewee. If the candidate feels positive and content while reading the mail, the impression they form of the company will also be great.

How can I make my interview scheduling email stand out?

Focus on the details and add elements that most people skip out on. This helps grab the attention of the candidate more than anything else. 

How to write an interview invitation email?

An interview invitation email can be written in a personalized manner, making the candidate feel connected to the company and feel optimistic about the same. The tone of the email can be kept professional yet friendly. 

What to include in an interview schedule email?

An interview schedule email should include details like the job description, details about the company, time and place of the interviews, duration of the interviews, and the details of the interviewers. 

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