Sales Executive Job Description

A Sales Executive plays a critical role in any company’s growth by generating leads, conducting market research, identifying selling possibilities, and evaluating customer needs.  They are responsible for discovering and pursuing new sales prospects, negotiating deals, and maintaining customer satisfaction. In this article, we will look at the Sales Executive job description and explore the […]

11 Tips to Increase the Revenue of Your Staffing Firm in 2023

As businesses rapidly grow and evolve, the demand for skilled professionals follows suit, presenting staffing firms with lucrative opportunities. However, with the influx of new competitors, the landscape has become increasingly fierce.  To maintain and enhance profitability, staffing firms must stay agile and adapt to the ever-changing environment. In this guide, we present you with […]

Top 8 Reasons for Offer Dropout – How to Avoid Them – 2023

If you are a recruiter focused on hiring the best talent for your organization, you would have faced the challenge of candidate dropouts. It is pretty frustrating for a recruiter when a candidate avoids calls and is unresponsive to emails and texts to finally inform you that they will not be able to accept your […]

Candidate to Employee: Best 8 Strategies for Candidate Conversion

The job of a recruiter and a sports agent is somewhat similar. If you have seen any sports movies, you will see how sports agents and coaches try to convince athletes to join a particular team. Along with the best pay package, they try and promise to provide incentives to sweeten the deal.  As a […]

Top 10 Challenges in Talent Management [With Solutions]

Staffing is a vital process that encompasses the identification, recruitment, and retention of top talent to drive an organization’s success. However, ensuring the right fit and maintaining employee motivation and engagement can prove challenging. Addressing these hurdles promptly is crucial to maintaining a thriving workforce. So, what are the prevalent staffing challenges, and how can […]

Understanding Employee Value Proposition and Ways to Create a Strong EVP in 2023

Imagine you are at the stadium to watch your favorite team play. You crave a delicious sandwich– the perfect complement to a perfect game. You venture towards the food court, and every vendor there is selling the ‘most delicious’ or ‘the best ever’ sandwich. Now if sandwiches were only bread and mixed vegetables, you wouldn’t […]

8 Game-Changing Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Staffing Agency Success! 

Staffing agencies possess extensive know-how and caliber to attract and procure the right talent. As per American Staffing Association, Staffing agencies provided jobs to 16 million employees pre-pandemic.  The staffing industry is highly competitive, with over $140 billion a year in revenue. Moreover, of the 20,000 staffing agencies in the US, the top 5 staffing […]

6 Strategies to Meet Candidate Expectations that Work

Key Takeaways – Understand the common candidate expectations, including efficient hiring process and growth within the organization – Benefits of meeting candidates’ expectations include a positive employer image and candidate satisfaction – Strategies to meet candidate expectations that need to be bifurcated and implemented at various stages  Expectations are one aspect of life that almost […]

5 Beneficial Best Practices HR Automation – 2023

Key Takeaways  HR automation uses technology to handle repetitive, manual tasks, streamline processes, and free up valuable employee time for more core activities. HR automation isn’t a trend taking over HR but a reality here to stay.  While automating HR processes and functions, HR leaders often cannot balance human-led legacy systems and automated cloud-based software.  […]

Active and Passive Candidates: Strategies to hire and Differences to keep in mind

Finding the right person to get a job done isn’t like finding a pearl in an oyster or the fountain of youth. All said and done, knowing that the person hired is right for the job is critical to an organization’s success. Hence, talent acquisition teams constantly seek qualified candidates to meet their business requirements […]

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