Tech Recruitment Roadmap 2023: The Top 7 Must-Attend Events!
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Hiring the right talent is extremely critical and essential to the success of the company. Hence, businesses today focus on how they can attract, assess and acquire the right talent that would allow them to be more productive and efficient at what they do. 

Hence, HR teams and recruiters have to look out for multiple ways to reach out to potential candidates or attract them to their organizations. While online job postings and advertisements can attract plenty of active job seekers to your company, you also need to look out for the best recruitment events that can make a difference. 

Over the years, the IT industry has evolved, and that has led to more competition, mainly because of the entry of new companies and players that introduce cutting-edge technology and better talent. 

Tech events offer numerous benefits to recruiters and HR teams when it comes to attracting and acquiring the right talent. These events are often virtual, which enables recruiters to connect with a wider pool of qualified candidates. Additionally, tech events provide valuable insight into the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.

Attending these networking events also offers candidates a great platform to discover the best technology companies, while providing HR teams and recruiters with an opportunity to engage with potential candidates interested in their company’s brand and work. Interacting with business leaders and industry experts can help HR teams contribute to the recruiting process and build relationships with other HR teams.

Unlike virtual conferences, tech events provide an opportunity to meet active job seekers face-to-face and hire the best tech talent. Participating in these events can help tech companies display their company culture and attract top talent, which can ultimately help them acquire the best talent available. Building a company’s brand image and establishing it as an influential firm in the technology sector is also possible through tech events.

Top 7 Tech Recruiting Events

If you are seeking to acquire the best talent in the technology industry, you need to look out for the top tech recruiting events that would allow you to engage, attract, assess, and acquire the best talent that you can find in these networking events. 

#1 Virtual HR Technology Conference & Exposition 

Location – Online

Date: February 28 – March 2, 2023

Organized by Human Resource Executive, this is one of the popular virtual events that provide a great platform for various technology companies to come together. This event allows HR teams and recruiters from various tech companies to interact and network with people from different backgrounds and industries. 

While HR teams of different industries participate in this technology event, it predominantly is a technology industry event allowing companies in the tech world to share their ideas and contributions. Like all virtual conferences, this one takes place online in February and March. 

Apart from networking with different recruiters in the tech industry, you also get to hear insightful keynotes from global HR leaders who speak on recruitment trends, best practices, and innovative case studies that allow you and your HR team to do better. 

#2 HR Transform 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: March 27-29, 2023

If you are looking for a mega HR conference that allows you to interact with a larger audience, HR Transform in Nevada is the one to visit. This 3-day annual event isn’t just for the technology companies but for HR teams and recruiters from all industries to come together for one of the biggest HR networking conferences. 

At HR Transform, you can hear the top industry experts speak on various trending topics and showcase the latest HR technology that can comprehensively transform the way HR processes in your company. 

#3 Talent42

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: June 27-28, 2023

With a 100% focus on tech recruiting, Talent42 is one of the important recruitment events for HR teams and recruiters in the tech industry. This international conference in Seattle, WA offers a great platform for hiring executives to look for the top technology talent. 

The event also hosts talks from developers, tech candidates, engineers, and leading industry experts. It also provides hands-on workshops and roundtables to help HR teams and professionals learn the best practices and interact and network with some of the best talent acquisition professionals in the world. 

#4 HR Technology Conference

Location: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Date: October 10-13, 2023

If you are unable to attend the virtual event, HR Technology Conference also provides an in-person event where you can meet the leading HR professionals in the tech industry. Both events are unique, and therefore HR teams and recruiters have more to take away from these events. 

The event also focuses on how HR teams can use technology to enhance their HR processes and introduce new ideas and strategies essential to run successful HR operations. HR Technology Conference 2023 will also feature Women in HR technology and will have some prominent female speakers for the event.

#5 TechServe Alliance Executive Summit

Location: The Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida

Date: November 15-17, 2023

Considered one of the premier networking events for tech recruiters, TechServe Alliance Executive Summit focuses on the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges that most technology staffing and solutions industries face today. 

The event will also focus on themes like ‘Recruiting and Retaining Technical Talent Today and Beyond.’ The event will also hold a C-level executive forum and will have an interactive workshop to ensure better HR practices and processes to help HR teams get better results. 

#6 TechHR

Location: The Leela, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Date:  August 3-4, 2023

TechHR is Asia’s largest HR and Worktech conference that focuses on professional growth, the future of technology, and HR practices. The event provides an opportunity for industry experts, HR teams and recruiters, and even technology professionals to reflect upon and discover groundbreaking technologies, strategies, and trends that can lead to better efficiency and productivity. 

The event also provides insight into real-world applications for recruitment, onboarding, learning, wellness and performance management, and employee engagement. The event would also cover topics like the future of talent assessment and how to tap the power of data for recruitment activities. 

#7 SHRM Tech23

Location: Hyderabad 

Date: May 11-12, 2023

Over the years, SHRM has been organizing conferences and expositions that allow professionals to share their knowledge and gain better insights. SHRM Tech23 allows some of the top HR leaders and people managers to speak about what they think is the future of recruiting and hiring and how to thrive in the new world order. 

The events would bring in the best industry leaders and professionals that would speak on HR tech tools, real and innovative solutions to improve the HR process, ways to leverage technologies to shape workplaces, maximizing peer learning and networking, and focus on the best-case studies, reports, and papers. The event will bring in more than 120 speakers and 4000 HR and tech leaders that would share their experiences and knowledge. 


While there are many ways to attract, assess and acquire the best talent in the market, participating in recruiting events is a quick way to network with those who work in the same industry and engage potential candidates and active job seekers who are looking for job opportunities. It provides a convenient platform to interact with those who are interested in your organization, meet them face-to-face, and showcase your company culture and brand image. 

As an HR professional, you also get to learn more from the leading HR experts and professionals that share better strategies, ideas, and trends that you can incorporate in your company to enhance your overall HR process. 

FAQs on Tech Recruiting Events 

Are these HR recruitment events paid or free to attend?

In general, in most events, you need to register for the event for which you need to pay to participate.

Is the workshop participation cost included in the registration fee?

Registration fee generally includes the cost of participating and attending the event. For workshop participation, you would have to pay additional charges.

Are there benefits of attending the HR tech summit?

These networking events allow you to interact with the best minds in the HR industry and stay updated with the latest HR trends and best practices. It also allows you to improve your HR process and incorporate better strategies and ideas to improve your company’s performance.

What are the common topics at HR conferences?

While various tech events would have dedicated themes to talk about, the most common topics are strategic planning and recruitment, global employment law and regulations, compensation and benefits, work culture, incorporating better technology, and HR tools.

How should I choose the right HR conference?

When you are searching for a good HR conference event, you need to focus on the venue, professional audio-video equipment, the flow of the program, a list of prominent speakers at the event, themes and topics to discuss, and networking opportunities.

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