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Automate Interview Scheduling

Automate Interview Scheduling

Save yourself time by utilizing our built-in video interview platform, which integrates automatically with calendars to schedule/reschedule interviews. Be able to track progress in real-time and download reports after each event.

Build a Positive Employer Brand

Equip your potential hires with useful information about your company, address their queries, and bring in human-led support for an unparalleled candidate experience and positive sentiments towards your company.

Build a Positive Employer Brand
maximize candidate participation

Maximize Candidate Participation

Review applicant status, and nurture them by pushing personalized content. Softly nudge your prospective hires with intelligent reminders and follow-ups to ensure you have the best possible candidate turnout on the hiring event day.

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Curate hyper-personalized candidate journeys via rich interactions, compelling brand stories and round-the-clock support at every stage of the recruitment lifecycle. A perfect blend of human expertise and technological innovation powered by intelligent automation and actionable insights.

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