How candidate experience can help you hire better in 2021

Home Products Enterprise Suite Post Offer Solution Virtual Hiring Events University Hiring SMB Solutions Employee Referral Support Resources Blogs Company About Us Contact Us Try for Free How candidate experience can help you hire better in 2021 Recruitment managers are looking at 2021 as a major turning point in the way hiring works. Businesses are […]

Top 10 ways in which HR chatbots have transformed the HR department

For almost all organizations across the globe, it is important to have a human resource department that handles a range of responsibilities from strategic planning, employee welfare to maintaining company image. The HR department is constantly engaged in a multitude of tasks that revolve around creating recruiting strategies, employee training, payroll, employee welfare and what […]

What is the ROI on Good Candidate Experience?

The recruitment industry has witnessed a tremendous transformation from traditional ways of hiring to the current model of hiring, driven by technology. There is a shift from the traditional “Attract-Engage-Hire” mode of hiring to an “Engage-Attract-Hire” approach. Hiring teams engage with candidates via campaigns, social media platforms, and events, showcase the brand, and attract them […]

Top hiring priorities for recruiters

The recruitment landscape has witnessed a great number of changes in this age of digital transformation. With a higher emphasis on automation and AI, organizations no longer rely on the traditional methods of hiring to attract and retain quality talent. Modern recruiters are bound to have a well-defined talent acquisition strategy implemented for better hiring […]

AI bias in recruitment: 4 top hacks to neutralize bias in decision making

The demand for advanced technology has seen an exponential growth with no signs of slowing down in many industries, including recruitment. The rollout of machine learning and the emergence of automated intelligent systems have changed the way leaders drive the recruitment process. Artificial intelligence was introduced with the key focus on minimizing the manual efforts […]

Virtual Hiring – Trends & Opportunities

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought in a monumental shift in all areas of lives. From social-life to work-life, the pandemic has brought in uncertainty to everything that was a part of daily life or, say was normal. This uncertainty is being faced by all industries, and not that recruitment or the HR industry is any […]

Why focus on improving Candidate Experience?

Today‚Äôs fast-moving and tight labor market demands enterprises to figure out that one factor which gives them the advantage in talent acquisition. With the talent war raging on, a simple and crucial step of choosing a comprehensive candidate experience strategy can be the game-changer. So, what is candidate experience? And why is it important to […]

Tips to prepare for a successful job interview

Are you looking for a job change? Has anything changed in the hiring space with respect to the ongoing global scenario? What can we do better to create a more compelling case in our favor? Yes, there has been a change on the demand side, and hiring has got impacted in multiple sectors but is […]

Candidate Experience:Just a Buzzword?

We see plenty of corporate throwing around the term Candidate Experience as part of their branding and promotion efforts. What is this development and what does it imply? Like any other industry, the recruitment industry has also experienced a disruption. As far as disruptions are concerned, this one was a welcome change that should have […]