Innovative Talent Engagement Strategies: Your 2024 Guide 

Observing the dynamics of the modern talent landscape, one can easily see how time and technology have ushered employees to the center stage where the spotlight remains. Modern employees are acutely aware of their worth these days and are not hesitant to refuse if there is so much as a hint of unfair workplace treatment […]

Top 8 Reasons for Offer Dropout – How to Avoid Them – 2023

If you are a recruiter focused on hiring the best talent for your organization, you would have faced the challenge of candidate dropouts. It is pretty frustrating for a recruiter when a candidate avoids calls and is unresponsive to emails and texts to finally inform you that they will not be able to accept your […]

6 Strategies to Meet Candidate Expectations that Work

Key Takeaways – Understand the common candidate expectations, including efficient hiring process and growth within the organization – Benefits of meeting candidates’ expectations include a positive employer image and candidate satisfaction – Strategies to meet candidate expectations that need to be bifurcated and implemented at various stages  Expectations are one aspect of life that almost […]

How to Keep Candidates Engaged During The Hiring Process

Key Takeaways It is known that toddlers and children have a short attention span. They will get distracted if you do not keep them engaged. If they are playing in the garden and see a balloon with another child, the chances of your kid asking for the same thing are high.  Keeping them engaged is […]

5 Strategies for Candidate Communication in 2023

Key Takeaways  Suppose you are in the last phase of your recruiting cycle for your company.  You are thrilled about the talents you discovered. You are proud that the recruitment process went smoothly, without any hiccups, and you are sending offer letters to the selected candidates. Out of the 10 selected candidates, only four accept […]

Acclimatizing your new hire with a 90-Day Onboarding Plan

Key Highlights  Introduction If you watch movies and have seen the 2006 movie The Devil wears Prada, you will know that it is about a newly graduated journalist working in a high-end fashion magazine. One of the scenes of the movie shows the main character, Andrea Sachs’ first day at work, where she gets reprimanded […]

Ghostbusting in 2023: Top Tactics to Prevent Candidate Disappearances

Key highlights Introduction There is so much interaction between a candidate and a recruiter during the course of hiring. All the effort put into assessing, interviewing, and offering a job role is nullified when a candidate ghosts you.  The term ‘ghosting’ first emerged in the dating context when a journalist was stood up by her […]

7 Strategies to Keep New Hires Engaged Before Their First Day

Interestingly, companies spend a bounty in getting new hires onboard but forsake the crucial phase between signing the offer letter and the first day of onboarding. The pre-onboarding phase is the most crucial yet neglected time when candidates may opt for a switch or stay in anticipated limbo of the whats and whys of their […]

10 Ways Post-Offer Follow-Up Boosts Recruitment Success

Hiring the right candidates has become crucial for the success of any organization. It is, after all, a known fact that the right people can drive the company toward its goals.  While recruiters focus on attracting and selecting the best talent, they often overlook one critical aspect: the importance of post-offer follow-up (POFU). POFU refers […]

How to Improve Candidate Engagement in 2023

With the growing competition to attract and acquire the best talent, HR teams and recruiters must develop creative ideas to find, evaluate and reach top candidates. Today, talent acquisition is a critical element of an organization’s business strategy, and it directly influences the company’s success. For many companies, finding candidates in the market isn’t difficult, […]

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