Ace the University Hiring with seamless Student-to-Employee Transitions

Create an efficient University hiring journey utilizing cutting-edge candidate engagement tools to make internships, pre-placement, and onboarding stages a breeze. Hire top talent from universities, through meaningful conversations, impactful coaching, and simplified onboarding processes.


Bring forth your Campus Hiring Superpowers

Handle all tasks in university recruitment like inviting applicants, pre-screening candidates, assessing their skills, scheduling interviews, making job offers, and then nurturing them after selection with ease and efficiency. Automate a big chunk of the employee onboarding process and connect seamlessly with other tools, to make the hiring process much less stressful.


Keep Candidates engaged from start to finish

Keep up a steady stream of communication and soft nudges across channels and smartly toggle between automated and human conversations to engage best with your candidates. Make your Gen Z prospects feel at home and keep their interactions intact by pushing interesting content nuggets, connecting them with key corporate stakeholders, and setting training tracks.

Let your Talent Acquisition Process Scream Sophistication


Tackle Bulk Hiring with Bulk Action Capabilities

Manage every stage of campus hiring by automating bulk recruitment tasks like sending emails, sharing tests and getting feedback, collecting documents, issuing offers, and obtaining e-signatures. Skip the paperwork and streamline every stage of campus recruitment with utmost precision and make volume hiring pain-free.


Elevate Your Talent Management Strategy to Achieve Tangible Outcomes.

Strong Candidate Relationships

Candidate relationships that are built to last

Talent Relationship Champions

Turn Recruiters into Talent Relationship Champions

Data-driven Smart Recruitment

Embrace Smart Recruitment with data-driven hiring decisions

Engaged Talent Communities

Foster collaborative and engaged talent networks

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