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Client : Large banking/credit organisation based in S Asia

Total recruiters: 100+ | Total candidate volume per year: 75000


The client hires over 2500 Sales/Ops/Support professionals every year and wanted a solution to pre-qualify, engage and onboard candidates seamlessly. Considering the large volume of applicants, pre-qualification was critical to optimise recruiter efforts. Also the bank wanted to effectively leverage its CV database for future jobs and nurture the talent pipeline.


Hyreo was rolled out in 2 phases. First phase was to implement the pre-qualification part with the chatbot taking applications and completing a pre-qualification of the candidates. The qualified candidates were pushed into the recruiting software for manual intervention and scheduling for face to face interviews. This led to a reduction of over 30% recruiter efforts. In phase 2, CV qualification was done by Hyreo engine and while in application stage, the application updates, query management and feedback system was rolled out for the candidates leading to over 50% cost savings for the overall team

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