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We Help You Craft the Perfect Hiring Experiences, One Candidate at a Time | Let’s Craft Perfect Hiring Experiences, One Candidate at a Time


Intelligent Automations with a Human Touch 

We want you to architect truly customized candidate odysseys. We want you to weave compelling brand stories. We want you to have enriching dialogues with your candidates and provide them with the best support at every phase of their recruitment journey. 

We want you to do this all by harnessing the power of intelligent automation alongside profound insights. To fortify your recruitment team’s potential. To deliver an unparalleled candidate experience. 

With Hyreo, we want you to experience the true essence of recruitment, firsthand! 


Why We Exist

Hyreo was born from the philosophy of delivering a ‘customer-like’ experience to candidates, transforming recruiters into true talent relationship champions.  

Our mission is to sculpt empowered advocates for talent in the future, instigating a transformative shift in candidate experiences

We were conceived with an unwavering commitment to creating a recruitment solution that places candidates’ aspirations at its heart – a ‘candidate-first approach.’ Our platform deploys the strength of intelligent automation, enhanced data extraction, and digital transparency to craft a ‘customer-centric’ experience amidst the millions of candidate interactions that transpire daily.

The People Behind Hyreo

Our team is a diverse group of professionals united by a shared vision of revolutionizing recruitment. From developers adept in deep conversational AI to leaders driving our mission forward, everyone at Hyreo plays a vital role in shaping the recruitment landscape. 

Arun Satyan

Co-founder & CEO

Mahesh Raju

Co-Founder, CTO

Sreenath Narayan

Co-founder & Head Customer Delivery

Santhosh Jose

VP Products

Our Culture Elements

At Hyreo, diversity, collaboration, and innovation are more than just values; they’re an integral part of our culture. We strive to create an environment that fosters creativity, learning, and growth, where every team member is respected and their ideas are heard. We are as passionate and invested in our people as we are in our product.






Our Investors

We are supported by visionary investors, who believe in adding class to the recruitment process.

Vinod Jose

Founder, Callapina Capital

Raveendranath Kamath

Co-Founder, CFO, Next Education

Anas Rahman Junaid

Founder & MD, Hurun India

Nat Natraj

Co-Founder, CEO, Accuknox

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