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Client : Large IT solutions firm

Total recruiters: 50+ (And 25+ external vendors) | Total candidate volume per year: 120000


The client hires over 1500 - 2000 IT roles every year. One of the biggest challenges that the recruiting team faced was that only 60-65% offers were getting converted into actual hires. This was adding to the overall 'cost of hire' and was significantly impacting business operations.


Hyreo post offer (H4P) solution was rolled out to improve overall communication with the candidates who are in the offered status. Increased candidate touch-points based on the constant interactions improved the recruiters ability to assess the propensity of candidates to join and do risk planning better. Some of the key benefits realised by the client during the first 6 months of the rollout - Approx 7.5% increase in offer conversion, 35% candidates leveraged Hyreo chatbot to request meetings, 60% of the document collection effort was automated and system recorded over 100+ candidate queries being answered automatically on a weekly basis.

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