Candidate experience- the strongest force in recruitment

What is Candidate Experience? How candidates perceive and feel about the hiring process is called candidate experience. The candidate experience can be broadly classified into three components: the job application, the screening methods, and the interview process. With candidates also becoming more and more careful with their choice of employer, candidate experience can give you […]

Recruiting is like a test match, play and win each session

2020 certainly took it to a storm when people used come up with a word-of-mouth “vacancies have been frizzed”. Luckily we have overcome the situation and things are getting back to positive started from late 2021. Here one striking truth is the pandemic accelerated a major trend like remote working which is still in the […]

A bad hire is much worse than you actually perceive

     “According to Research4 by the U.S. Department of Labour suggests the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings” Image Source: Agencycentral Not always every experience turns out to be flowery.  Some candidates are with good repute strike through all the interview rounds and eventually come out […]

Candidate Recruiter Relationship is the Success Mantra of any Organization

Any relationship forever reflects the bond in between. Similarly, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) depends how well a recruiter maintain healthy relationship with ex, current, and potential candidates. A good bonding between the recruiter and the candidate and vice versa can accelerate the speed of company growth. Finding great candidates is not enough unless you develop […]

Greenhouse & Hyreo : Great partnership to start 2021!

Businesswoman signing contract and business partnership agreemen

In January 2021, Hyreo officially entered into a partnership with Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System. The Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System or ATS helps recruiters customise and optimise the entire recruiting process. Greenhouse integration with Hyreo allows end customers to improve the overall candidate experience in recruiting. Hyreo combines human behaviour science principles, conversational AI and data […]

Oracle for startups : A partnership for Hyreo

Trust in Business Relationship, Trusted Partner

The Hyreo – Oracle startup program partnership that kicked off in June 2020, has helped Hyreo to explore new and unique opportunities to transform recruiting for enterprise-level organizations. The connections established via the Oracle startup program has supported Hyreo in proving the platform’s enterprise-readiness to its potential customers. For Hyreo, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was […]

Organizations need to view HR Tech investments as an opportunity: Hyreo at ETHRWorld


Hyreo Co-founder and CEO, Arun Satyan shares his views with Abhishek Kumar Sahu of ETHRWorld in a recent interview on how enterprises are fast realizing the need for personalized recruitment strategies in the new normal. He spoke about how companies are leveraging conversational AI and machine learning technologies to build a more personalized candidate experience […]

Oracle Startup Idol 2020: Hyreo and 5 Other Startups in The Battle of Pitches

On September 22nd, Hyreo and 5 other world class startups participated in the Oracle Startup Idol, the battle of pitches. Before an audience of regional 50 APAC analysts, the six cloud startups showcased their products and introduced the technologies that will build the future. Including Hyreo, all the startups were members of the Oracle for Startups […]

Oracle for Startups : Hyreo Makes the Next Big Leap in June 2020

In June 2020, Hyreo officially partnered with Oracle for Startups Program. This partnership gives Hyreo new opportunities to interact with an extensive network of Oracle global leaders, product experts, and customers. Collaborating with the Oracle Cloud technical team has helped Hyreo to explore new and unique opportunities to innovate and transform candidate experience in recruiting […]

The Societe Generale ‘CATALYST’ accelerator program : A fulfilling journey for Hyreo

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell Hyreo was a participant of the 2018 Summer edition of Societe Generale (SG) ‘CATALYST’ accelerator program. Hyreo had an amazing journey since then […]