Creating great candidate experience with culture and data

If one thing’s for certain in 2022, the way we recruit has changed or maybe has been ‘completely revolutionized’. Companies and recruiters are now committing to creating a candidate centric experience when hiring. Because the consequences of a negative interaction can be far reaching. A staggering 63% of job seekers are likely reject a job […]

Make your candidate experience memorable and captivating

The Importance Candidate Experience, the new popular buzzword in Human Resources is not just limited to the recruitment process but also extends to the perception of people working in the organization along with the Recruiter. Almost 73% of organizations agree that candidate experience is essential to their business, but less than half believe their recruiting […]

Exiting with Dignity

The pandemic has really forced people to look at their personal and professional priorities differently, leading them to take decisions that may have been unthinkable before. While the Great Resignation commenced way before the pandemic, it exacerbated the situation, with the exodus causing a hard-to-fill void in the skilled workforce. With a long winter coming […]

Importance Of Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

An organization is made up of a diverse body of people, who have unique qualities and belong to many different social groups.  Inclusivity involves giving respect to every individual and making them feel important. It is about consciously breaking down stereotypes and embracing differences rather than ignoring them. In an inclusive environment, employees will feel […]

Virtual Hiring Events – A Recruiter Perspective

Virtual reality is the simulation created through computers using high-end technology like sensors and artificial intelligence that gives scope for interaction and stimulation of senses. For a very long time, the aspect of virtual reality was only used by the entertainment industry or for the automation of manufacturing processes. But as times changed, it started […]

How to Conduct Interviews to Understand The Mind Set Of The Candidate

All you need is the right mindset to survive and thrive in the practical world today. Knowledge, skills- everything can be learned and acquired, but if you do not have the right mindset, even the everyday menial tasks will become challenging.  This is why the main purpose of the interviews these days is to present […]

Recruiting CRM v/s ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

A revolution is being seen in the world of recruitment. As the competition is increasing in the corporate world every day, a pool of talented individuals is available in an ocean of candidates. So, although getting the right job is not easy for a candidate, it is even more difficult for a recruiter to find […]

Candidate experience- the strongest force in recruitment

What is Candidate Experience? How candidates perceive and feel about the hiring process is called candidate experience. The candidate experience can be broadly classified into three components: the job application, the screening methods, and the interview process. With candidates also becoming more and more careful with their choice of employer, candidate experience can give you […]

Recruiting is like a test match, play and win each session

2020 certainly took it to a storm when people used come up with a word-of-mouth “vacancies have been frizzed”. Luckily we have overcome the situation and things are getting back to positive started from late 2021. Here one striking truth is the pandemic accelerated a major trend like remote working which is still in the […]

A bad hire is much worse than you actually perceive

     “According to Research4 by the U.S. Department of Labour suggests the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings” Image Source: Agencycentral Not always every experience turns out to be flowery.  Some candidates are with good repute strike through all the interview rounds and eventually come out […]