5 Strategies to improve the Recruitment  Process


#1  Promote your brand & clearly define an EVP

Introduce the company favorably to potential candidates and establish strong credentials, using clear, bias-free JDs & a compelling EVP right from the start


#2 Define a clear candidate persona & JD for each role

Clear candidate personas & JDs with expectations must be created for each role, enabling the best suited candidates to apply and the recruiters to screen appropriately


#3 Effective sourcing & screening

Leverage creative ways of sourcing & screening talent, ranging from social media, social & professional networking to consultants with expertise in finding the best candidates


#4 Differentiated evaluation techniques

Use innovative ways of evaluating & hiring highly skilled talent such as hackathons, simulations, gamification, skill assessments, pilot projects etc.


#5 Phenomenal onboarding experience

Deliver an exemplary onboarding experience for the new employees, with clarity & transparency on role expectations, policies, benefits etc., enhancing the employee experience & engagement

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