Greenhouse & Hyreo : Great partnership to start 2021!

In January 2021, Hyreo officially entered into a partnership with Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System. The Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System or ATS helps recruiters customise and optimise the entire recruiting process. Greenhouse integration with Hyreo allows end customers to improve the overall candidate experience in recruiting. Hyreo combines human behaviour science principles, conversational AI and data […]

Hyreo Post Offer solution – Case study for a leading IT outsourcing company

Home Products Enterprise Suite Post Offer Solution Virtual Hiring Events University Hiring SMB Solutions Employee Referral Support Resources Blogs Company About Us Contact Us Try for Free Hyreo Post Offer solution ┬áCase study for a leading IT outsourcing company A typical recruitment process starts with job requisitions getting approved for hiring by business and ends […]

Top 10 ways in which HR chatbots have transformed the HR department

For almost all organizations across the globe, it is important to have a human resource department that handles a range of responsibilities from strategic planning, employee welfare to maintaining company image. The HR department is constantly engaged in a multitude of tasks that revolve around creating recruiting strategies, employee training, payroll, employee welfare and what […]