Oracle for Startups : Hyreo Makes the Next Big Leap in June 2020

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In June 2020, Hyreo officially partnered with Oracle for Startups Program. This partnership gives Hyreo new opportunities to interact with an extensive network of Oracle global leaders, product experts, and customers.

Collaborating with the Oracle Cloud technical team has helped Hyreo to explore new and unique opportunities to innovate and transform candidate experience in recruiting for enterprise-level organizations. Hyreo could swiftly transit to the Oracle cloud platform with support from an expert technical team in Oracle Cloud global team. 

Arun Satyan, our CEO mentioned in a conversation: “It was a joy to work with the Oracle cloud technical team. We had a very quick transition to Oracle Cloud. It just took 4 days from our first instance approval to application deployment for client testing. And critical to this was the kind of support we received from the Oracle global team.”  Some of the main aspects that helped us in the collaboration are the following: 

  • Analyzing our present-day landscape and provide architectural designs and deployment plans on the OCI
  • Recommending best practices and guiding with technical advisory discussions.
  • Working with us in migrating partial and full workload to Oracle Cloud. 
  • Driving access to Oracle product leaders and managers across the globe. 

It is a pleasure to be part of the Oracle Cloud ecosystem. Hyreo looks forward to a wonderful association in the future. Vikas Raina, Principal Cloud Architect, pens down in one of his blogs in Oracle blog on how Oracle for Startups is designed to assist startups to utilise the advantages of Oracle Cloud and grow to the next level.

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