Post Offer Solution


Hyreo’s post offer solution aims at creating a great ‘first impression’ with new hires. Our focus is to minimize offer declines by helping you stay engaged post the job offer till the day the candidate has been onboarded into your organization. Our smart technology will enable you to have personalized touch points with candidates, share and collect information, push content and identify those that are most likely to drop out.

Understand candidate pulse and act decisively

Stay connected, share information, answer queries and understand their needs for improved candidate relationship

Creating a digital buddy

The hard work is done and all stages of the selection process have been completed. Make the pre-onboarding days predictable and seamless for candidates as a lot could change at this point.

Automated nudges

Set candidate touch-points via email, text and chat based on their date of joining.

Support needs

Setup a candidate support ecosystem

Documentation needs

Provide information, collect documents/forms more seamlessly

Content, meet-ups & follow-ups

Push content, setup leadership messages or meet-ups making candidates feel connected.

Empower the recruiter

Today recruiters balance a mix of new hiring requests and on-boarding journeys. Hyreo provides essential empowerment with relevant automation to both stay connected with candidates and improve transparency with internal stakeholders.

Stay connected

Automated nudges reduces thousands of hours of calls and follow-up with candidates

Notifications & Alerts

Get timely alerts on candidate behavior and support requirements

Invaluable insights and feedback

Enterprise-wide data on pipeline, status, risk, feedback and performance

All stakeholders on a single platform

Ability to connect multiple enterprise teams like business, recruiting, HR operations and on-boarding on a single platform



Hyreo aims at delivering a ‘customer-like’ experience for candidates throughout the recruitment process. We believe in putting the candidate at the centre of the recruiting universe and turning recruiters into true talent relationship champions.

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Hyreo stands for delivering a
‘customer-like’ experience for candidates throughout the
recruiting process. 


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