Understanding Employee Value Proposition and Ways to Create a Strong EVP in 2023

Imagine you are at the stadium to watch your favorite team play. You crave a delicious sandwich– the perfect complement to a perfect game. You venture towards the food court, and every vendor there is selling the ‘most delicious’ or ‘the best ever’ sandwich. Now if sandwiches were only bread and mixed vegetables, you wouldn’t […]

8 Solid Strategies for creating an Employer Brand that Drive Results

Imagine this scenario: It is the weekend and you get a call from an ex-colleague. You pick up the call, hesitatingly, wondering what he is calling you for. After pleasantries, he asks if you know about a company’s work culture. This is something neither he nor you have heard about. He, then, informs you that […]

What is Employer Branding and Why do You Need To Do It

An Employer Brand is a powerful tool for attracting and hiring top-quality talent and the most important aspect of a company’s business strategy, propelling it forward to success. Per LinkedIn, 80% of talent acquisition leaders believe that Employer Branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent & companies with a strong […]

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