Keep top candidates from drifting away with an intelligent post-offer experience

Foster a sense of belonging with a personalized candidate solution

Build a friendly AI Helper

Build a friendly AI Assistant

Ease pre-onboarding jitters and ensure a consistent and streamlined post-selection process facilitated by an AI chatbot companion. Stay in touch with candidates, address their concerns, and provide them an opportunity to connect with key stakeholders, giving them a feel of the company culture. Let the virtual companion guide candidates through the onboarding process, improve candidate experience, and ensure that new hires feel supported and prepared for their roles.

Resolve concerns via a smart ticketing engine

Address candidate concerns promptly by converting them into tickets and categorizing them according to the query type, with appropriate SLAs for resolution. Our automated ticket tracking system helps you derive valuable insights for review and process improvements. By streamlining this process, enable efficient and effective resolution of candidate concerns- all leading to an improved candidate experience.

Smart Ticketing Engine
Streamline all documentation onboarding needs

Streamline all onboarding documentation needs

Collect necessary documents/forms and disseminate critical information seamlessly on one reliable platform. Set multi-channel auto reminders, follow-ups, and schedule virtual meet-ups to facilitate quicker documentation to enable faster onboarding. Pre-configure the chatbot with the FAQs related to documentation and make the whole process seamless and hassle-free for both the candidates and the HR Operations team.

Keep in touch with regular follow-ups needs

Enhance candidate experience and promote collaboration by sharing content about your company that outlines onboarding expectations and pre-onboarding activities. Organize virtual events for one-on-one and one-to-many interactions with key stakeholders, and create opportunities for candidates to connect with individuals who can provide valuable insights into the company culture, ask questions, and build relationships- all providing a comprehensive and engaging candidate experience.

Keep in touch with regular follow ups 1

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