6 Best Messaging Tools to Text Candidates – 2023

Several instances in a person’s life may be nerve-wracking. One of them includes not hearing back from recruiters or consultants. From the time a candidate applies for a job, waiting for a response begins. A candidate’s expectation for consistent communication increases throughout the hiring stages. Even with all the communication channels, consistent and on-time communication […]

Streamline Your Hiring Process: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Recruitment Software

53% of job seekers are more concerned about the hiring process experience now than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic. And rightly so, recruiters and talent acquisition personnel are realizing the need to improve candidate experience more than ever.  On average, a job vacancy takes 36 days to fill. Earlier, recruiters were required to manually […]

8 Chrome Extensions for Recruiters – Supercharging Head Hunting

The blunt truth that any recruiter quickly comes to terms with is that no matter how skilled they may be, carrying out the recruitment process will never be a piece of cake. The underlying culprit for this would be the various miscellaneous tasks involved in the recruitment cycle. Tasks like advertising open positions, screening resumes, and […]

Understanding Boolean Search in Recruitment – Complete Guide

Keywords are essential when you are searching for something specific online. You would type in the necessary words in the search engine and expect results. The results may or may not be what you are looking for.  If you find what you are looking for, you hit the jackpot. If you did not, maybe it […]

Top 5 HR Software for Small Businesses to Use in 2023

The word ‘small businesses’ often indicates that most of the activities and departments are handled by the business owners themselves. While this might be true to an extent, like any other big business, small businesses also need better HR that can help them with all the activities and processes.  Having a good and efficient HR […]

What is HR Software and How to Select the Right One?

In a competitive candidate-driven market, businesses need to focus on how the human resource department performs and adds productivity to the overall business. On the other hand, HR teams and professionals understand the pressure and responsibilities that they need to execute to keep up with the growing competition and the need to hunt and acquire […]

Top Best OKR Software to implement in 2023

One of the key intrinsic values that most people have is to set goals. Some tend to be measurable goals; while others turn out to be ambitious goals. Most of us practice this every day. Various methods like journaling, creating a ‘to-do’ list, etc. are used by us. On completion of each goal, it is […]

7 Best HCM Software in 2023: Review, Features, & Pricing 

Human resource management is the most significant function of a company crossing every other functional area and impacting every employee in the company. It refers to how companies manage their workforce from hire to retire.  However, with the complexity of businesses on the rise, it becomes overwhelming for HR administrators to manage these functions optimally […]

Staffing Software – What’s the ‘SaaS’ all about?

Staffing firms and recruitment agencies use Staffing Software to source, map, shortlist, track, interview, and hire candidates. Staffing software solutions enable Human Resource Personnel to match the right candidate with the right job. Such software solutions enable communication in both directions – with the corporate clients as well as the candidates.  Staffing software is akin […]

Top 10 Employee Survey Tools for 2023

If you remember the 1999 black comedy movie Office Space, you will remember the main character Peter Gibbons being disinterested in his job. He has no motivation to do work. This feeling is prevalent in almost all employees.  The lack of motivation comes from a lack of employee engagement. As you progress through the movie […]

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