12 Recruitment Marketing Strategies to use in 2023

Need for the best recruitment strategies in 2023  There is an old saying: “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” Do you think that’s true? Though one cannot be sure about dogs, you can learn a new skill. This is applicable in recruiting and to recruiters as well. There are plentiful recruitment marketing strategies […]

How employee engagement is linked to customer satisfaction

Key Takeaways Employee engagement and customer satisfaction go together like PB&J! When your employees are stoked about their jobs and totally committed to the cause, they’re way more likely to provide some top-notch customer service. And you know what that means? Happy customers all around! Engaged employees are like superheroes for your business – they’re […]

From Candidate to Employee: Best Strategies to Improve Candidate Conversion

The job of a recruiter and a sports agent is somewhat similar. If you have seen any sports movies, you will see how sports agents and coaches try to convince athletes to join a particular team. Along with the best pay package, they try and promise to provide incentives to sweeten the deal.  As a […]

Enhancing Hiring Manager Satisfaction: The Key to Successful Recruitment

“People don’t leave the companies, they leave the managers” The level of hiring manager satisfaction is a key factor in the hiring process. The hiring managers are the ones who finally choose which applicants will be recruited and who will collaborate closely with them when they are. A great hiring process should make sure that […]

Mastering the Art of Candidate Pitching: Strategies for Winning Over Clients!

There is always a possibility that your client may reject your potential candidate even if they meet the client’s requirements perfectly. This may happen when recruiters aren’t able to successfully ‘sell’ their candidate. Selling here means pitching a candidate for a job role before a client.  Pitching a candidate to the client helps transform a […]

10 Creative and Innovative Recruiting Ideas to Find Top Talent!

If you are a recruiter, you may agree that the process is multifaceted. With the transformation of hiring to talent acquisition, many aspects are considered while selecting a candidate for your organization. Over time, recruiters have incorporated various methods to evaluate the skill and competency of a potential candidate as well as gauge personality traits […]

Boost Your Hiring Game with These 10 Tips for Top-Quality Hires

In his Myth on Average, Todd Rose uses the analogy of fighter planes and pilots to explain that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that can be implemented to improve hiring. Good hiring involves customizing your process and offerings to meet the needs of each individual candidate.  The current hiring practices are ill-fitted to ensure great […]

A Hiring Manager’s Guide to the Offer Letter Approval Process

With 63% of the recruiters facing a talent shortage today and the job market largely being candidate-driven, recruiting the perfect candidate is no less than a feat achieved for recruiters today. A standard recruitment process involves hiring managers receiving hundreds of applications for a single opening.  These applications are screened, and suitable profiles are shortlisted. […]

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