Exiting with Dignity

The pandemic has really forced people to look at their personal and professional priorities differently, leading them to take decisions that may have been unthinkable before. While the Great Resignation commenced way before the pandemic, it exacerbated the situation, with the exodus causing a hard-to-fill void in the skilled workforce. With a long winter coming […]

Importance Of Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

An organization is made up of a diverse body of people, who have unique qualities and belong to many different social groups. Inclusivity involves giving respect to every individual and making them feel important. It is about consciously breaking down stereotypes and embracing differences rather than ignoring them. In an inclusive environment, employees will feel […]

Virtual Hiring Events – A Recruiter Perspective

Virtual reality is the simulation created through computers using high-end technology like sensors and artificial intelligence that gives scope for interaction and stimulation of senses. For a very long time, the aspect of virtual reality was only used by the entertainment industry or for the automation of manufacturing processes. But as times changed, it started […]

Recruiting CRM v/s ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

A revolution is being seen in the world of recruitment. As the competition is increasing in the corporate world every day, a pool of talented individuals is available in an ocean of candidates. So, although getting the right job is not easy for a candidate, it is even more difficult for a recruiter to find […]

Recruiting is like a test match, play and win each session

2020 certainly took it to a storm when people used come up with a word-of-mouth “vacancies have been frizzed”. Luckily we have overcome the situation and things are getting back to positive started from late 2021. Here one striking truth is the pandemic accelerated a major trend like remote working which is still in the […]

A bad hire is much worse than you actually perceive

     “According to Research4 by the U.S. Department of Labour suggests the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings” Image Source: Agencycentral Not always every experience turns out to be flowery.  Some candidates are with good repute strike through all the interview rounds and eventually come out […]

Candidate Recruiter Relationship is the Success Mantra of any Organization

Any relationship forever reflects the bond in between. Similarly, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) depends how well a recruiter maintain healthy relationship with ex, current, and potential candidates. A good bonding between the recruiter and the candidate and vice versa can accelerate the speed of company growth. Finding great candidates is not enough unless you develop […]

Greenhouse & Hyreo : Great partnership to start 2021!

Businesswoman signing contract and business partnership agreemen

In January 2021, Hyreo officially entered into a partnership with Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System. The Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System or ATS helps recruiters customise and optimise the entire recruiting process. Greenhouse integration with Hyreo allows end customers to improve the overall candidate experience in recruiting. Hyreo combines human behaviour science principles, conversational AI and data […]

Oracle for startups : A partnership for Hyreo

Trust in Business Relationship, Trusted Partner

The Hyreo – Oracle startup program partnership that kicked off in June 2020, has helped Hyreo to explore new and unique opportunities to transform recruiting for enterprise-level organizations. The connections established via the Oracle startup program has supported Hyreo in proving the platform’s enterprise-readiness to its potential customers.https://youtu.be/JK70Cw6pfq4 For Hyreo, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was […]

Organizations need to view HR Tech investments as an opportunity: Hyreo at ETHRWorld


Hyreo Co-founder and CEO, Arun Satyan shares his views with Abhishek Kumar Sahu of ETHRWorld in a recent interview on how enterprises are fast realizing the need for personalized recruitment strategies in the new normal. He spoke about how companies are leveraging conversational AI and machine learning technologies to build a more personalized candidate experience […]

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